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At present, a number of studies have focused on microorganisms, which are able to decolourize and biodegrade these dyes.
The bacterium was also able to decolourize the Reactive Yellow15 (100 ug dye/ml) up to 40 and 76% after 2 and 4 days of incubation, respectively (Fig.
also showed excellent ability to decolourize azo dyes i.
The present study was undertaken with the objective to stain sputum samples in their containers by 'phenol (10%) ammonium sulphate (4%) basic fuchsin (2%) solution' and to decolourize and counterstain their smears for detection of AFB- (henceforth called pot method) and to compare the smear results of pot method with the standard Ziehl-Neelsen (ZN) method.