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Comparative study on characteristics of azo dye decolorization by Indigenous Decolorizers. Bioresour.Technol., 101: 2651-2656
[7] The crystal violet-iodine complex, therefore, is retained because the cells are not exposed to the decolorizer long enough for sufficient damage to occur.
In a second group of males, I reduced the badge size using Wella-Kolestint hair decolorizer applied on the edges of the throat patch (badge-reduced males) and allowed the product to act for 50 min.
The different reagents used in Auramine O staining technique were 0.3% Auramine O , 1% acid alcohol as decolorizer and various counter stains like 0.1% potassium permanganate, 0.1% methylene blue, 0.1% toluidine blue, 0.1% malachite green and undiluted blue ink (9).
Then put 1 to drops of gram's decolorizer on the smear and kept for 30 seconds and washed properly.
So it is suggested that this immobilized enzyme can be used to degrade dye based textile effluent as it proved to be more effective, robust and stable dye decolorizer.
Compared to pypocholoride, hydrogen peroxide is a more secure decolorizer that mainly ionizes hydrogen ions and peroxide ions in water.