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Ameles decolor (Charpentier, 1825) is a small rather common mantis, typical of arid fields of the Mediterranean basin from Southern and insular Europe to northern Africa (Ehrmann 2002, Battiston & Fontana 2005).
decolor were collected in some arid fields in the west of Tolentino (MC, in Central Italy) and caged to verify the presence of cannibalism and to study their mating behavior.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Beiersdorf AG, Guangzhou Houdy Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Decolor Cometics Co., Ltd., LAF International Group, Procter & Gamble Co., Mandom Corp., Guangdong Arche Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Henkel AG & Co.
The ts17 cultured in LB medium under static condition containing Amaranth (50 mg/L) decolored the dyes more than 99% at 37AdegC, pH7.0, with 3% NaCl after 8 h.
alpestris, previously dried and ground, with ethanol, at a temperature between 40[degrees]C and 60[degrees]C for 2-5 hours, to obtain an extracted mixture; incubating the extracted mixture obtained for at least 12 hour at a temperature between 2-6[degrees]C to obtain an incubated mixture; filtering the incubated mixture to obtain a filtrate, bleaching the filtrate by adsorption on activated charcoal to obtain a decolored filtrate, filtering the decolored filtrate on a 20pm membrane to obtain a final filtrate; and removing the ethanol from the final filtrate obtained, and then making a final dilution in 1,3-propanediol to obtain said alcoholic extract.
After being decolored by adding 1.5% (m/v) activated carbon powder at pH 10 for 30 min and being filtered, the extracting solution changed from green to brown, and then the solvent was diluted with water to 30% ethanol.
The parasites were collected and preserved in 70% ethanol, decolored with lactophenol (Doster & Goater 1997), and submitted to the Parasitology Laboratory of the Avian Medicine Department to be identified.
Figure 5 shows that MeOr is nearly completely decolored after 40 min sunlight (ZnO NPs were suspended in the solution).
Table 5 - Optimized Preparative-Load Purifications Initial Reversed Final RPC Overall Process Yield Decolorization Phase Purity Yield Step Purification Broth decolored 35 micron 70% 68% 62% with strong Polystyrenic base anion Resin, exchange resin purification at pH 5.0 RPC done at pH purification 5.0 run at pH 5.0 Broth decolored 75 micron 87% 71% 65% with strong Polystyrenic base anion Resin, exchange resin purification at pH 5.0 then done at pH adjusted to 8.5 8.5
After the gel was decolored with ethanol-water-acetic acid (50:49:1 by volume), we performed quantitative analysis of GAGs with a densitometer composed of a Macintosh IIsi computer interfaced with a Microtek Color Scanner from Microtek International.
successfully removing carbon black, ink's main ingredient and an elemental substance that cannot be broken down or chemically decolored, itself adds to quality degradation and limits recycling volumes.
During gamma radiolysis of methylene blue in aqueous solutions [1], it has been demonstrated that methylene blue can be decolored and degraded by gamma radiolysis.