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grant independence to (a former colony)


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Decolonizing music involves a conscious decision to move away from an "either/or" "colonial" mentality to a "both/and" "decolonized" mentality.
SHAUNA MACKINNON'S Decolonizing Employment: Aboriginal Inclusion in Canada's Labour Market is a timely publication, roughly coinciding with the release of the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC).
This decolonizing process for relationality can encourage settler-teacher decolonization; however, there needs to be a tandem effort to indigenize the curriculum and liberate school space for what Tupper and Cappello (2008) term "un/usual narratives," those perspectives and narratives of Indigenous communities that are normally absent from settlerstream education, or missing in "the ways.
In this sense, Decolonizing Enlightenment is a very useful resource for those who, especially in countries in the Anglophone North, want to familiarize themselves with the authors, discussions, conflicts, possibilities and limits of subaltern, "de" and post-colonial feminist theories in relationship to the Enlightenment hegemony.
After Last, whose book The Sokoto Caliphate draws extensively on Arabic sources, a few Northern Nigerian historians contributed to this effort of decolonizing African history, including Yusufu Bala Usman on Katsina and Abdullahi Mahadi on Kano.
ECLAC s Executive Secretary called for decolonizing the development agenda and articulating the relationship between circumstances and structures, based on four pillars: countercyclical policies that make managing aggregate demand compatible with the need to boost medium- and long-term growth; an industrial policy to foster progressive structural change; the promotion of environmental innovation measures and moving towards low-carbon growth paths (the environmental Big Push); and an integrated social policy.
The goal of decolonizing preaching is not to further flatten the world.
It is also a component of the decolonizing research perspective which relies on indigenous, native knowledge as the basis for solutions to critical issues within communities.
Doerfler, Sinclair, and Stark structured their collection to do decolonizing work; both content and form validate Anishinaabeg worldviews.
Decolonizing the Landscape: Indigenous Cultures in Australia
Lucian working class, expressed in its desire for a more interventionist state, legislators stalled the decolonizing movement, masking their conservatism behind the idea of economic development as the ultimate and necessary condition for the production of wealth on the island.
Anderson writes in her introduction that her purpose is to "dig up the medicines of the past," (3) although the main success of Life Stages is its decolonizing effect on the future.
Jesse Gonzalez/PNN Exclusive Decolonizing Architecture vides a refreshing perspective on different forms of resistance that use landscape and architecture to reclaim land that has been militarized or 'deactivated' by the Israeli regime.
In the study, researchers assigned more than 74,000 ICU patients to get one of three treatments: decolonization, screening for MRSA or screening and then decolonizing only patients who tested positive for MRSA.
Venegas, Jose Luis, Decolonizing Modernism--James Joyce and the Development of Spanish American Fiction.