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grant independence to (a former colony)


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Underlying these struggles is a demand and desire by sections of these movements to decolonize the university structure, not only in terms of staffing but also in terms of the entire curriculum that continues to produce "black skins in white masks" in the twenty first century and leaves intact colonial patterns of control, domination and exploitation.
Archaeologists seeking to decolonize archaeology aim to correct the power imbalances of our discipline left over from colonial structures.
The post-colonial concept of hybridity is a useful tool for gay Asian men to decolonize gay theologies with respect to Asian American issues on the one hand and to decolonize Asian American theologies with respect to gay issues on the other hand.
This paper discusses ways Dine peoples can use cultural knowledge to rebuild and decolonize the Navajo Nation.
Divided into three parts, the catalogue's interdisciplinary essays share a thematic concern: how best to decolonize and then empower black womanhood?
government may conclude that the costs of Israeli colonialism outweigh the benefits of keeping Israel content and thus force it to decolonize.
Britain's Declining Empire demonstrates that decolonization rested on two connected principles: pragmatism, with archival work proving flexibility between principles and practical constraints, and prestige, with officials convinced that refusing to decolonize would tarnish Britain's image forever or even that decolonizing required strength.
Smith and Jackson discuss clearly the colonial nature of archaeological practice in general and provide compelling research and examples for efforts made to decolonize the discipline.
WASHINGTON -- Mupirocin ointment applied to the front of the nostrils before surgery may decolonize patients and reduce the incidence of surgical site infections from Staphylococcus aureus, said Dr.
In my life-long resistance to Americanization I struggle to decolonize minds, hearts, and bodies through the power of image and sound.
Thus, the protagonist in "Brooklyn" becomes "Marshall's first representation of the dynamic whereby social, political, and economic realities give shape to psychological reality, which may in turn externalize itself in an act of self-decolonization that works to decolonize social, political, and economic spaces.
Indonesia annexed East Timor in 1975, a year after Portugal announced its policy to decolonize its overseas territories.
We must decolonize our relationship with First Nations.
In this study, AgaNase[TM] (NVC-422 formulated in a prototype nasal spray), was tested to decolonize Staphylococcus aureus from the lower nasal passages.
L pez-Gopar describes how he, as a language teacher educator, his student English teachers, and children from Oaxaca, Mexico conducted a critical-ethnographic-action-research project to try to decolonize primary English language teaching.