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grant independence to (a former colony)


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International laws protecting intellectual property rights, patents and so on are failing to protect Africa's resources, the proliferation in post-independence Africa of universities across the length and breadth of the continent has not helped to decolonise research and so the continent continues to be entangled in predatory global invisible matrices of epistemic power.
If western epistemologies are foregrounded to recognise and constitute multiplicities, the question is whether Africa can ever decolonise when it continues to depend on epistemic charity (Nhemachena 2016); if other Western epistemologies continue to be foregrounded on the continent there is the inevitability offoreshadowing African epistemologies.
Influenced heavily by a feminist research paradigm (Rigney, 1996), Indigenous researchers have led the way in creating a new Indigenous research paradigm that is critical, liberationist and recognises social, political and historical contexts and that aims to decolonise and reframe research (Martin, 2001a; Rigney, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001; Smith, 2005).
In an interview with Rama Salla Dieng, Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni pointed out that integral to the project of transforming African universities is the need to "de-racialise, democratise, detribalise, decolonise, and depatriarchize.
As the late Chinua Achebe once said, there is a need to decolonise the mind.
Our leaders need to pass through that school of thought that decolonises their mind, and helps them develop generational thinking and interdependence.
At the end of this hui (gathering), we learned of interesting and innovative ideas about empowering the various Indigenous communities that exist on Mother Earth: from stories of emerging leadership that are serving to better our communities, to examples of existing research that truly decolonises, to stories by educators of the revitalisation of Indigenous knowledges both inside and outside academia.