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the action of changing from colonial to independent status

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Le secretaire general de l'ONU, Ban Ki-moon, a appele, mardi dernier, a des actions concretes pour faire avancer l'agenda de decolonisation et donner le choix aux peuples des territoires non autonomes de decider librement de leur avenir politique.
A son tour, le representant equatorien, presidant a plusieurs reprises les sessions de comite special de decolonisation, a fermement condamne les tentatives marocaines pour imposer ses positions politiques majoritairement rejetees.
Les Etats membres du comite charge de decolonisation de l'ONU ont, a l'occasion d'une session consacree a l'examen de la question sahraouie au siege de l'ONU du 15 au 25 juin, exhorte le Maroc a [beaucoup moins que] se conformer a ses obligations internationales en respectant le droit inalienable des Sahraouis a l'autodetermination, en application du plan de reglement de 1991 adopte a l'unanimite par le Conseil de securite des Nations unies [beaucoup plus grand que] et appele a l'acceleration du processus de decolonisation du Sahara occidental a travers la tenue, sans delai, d'un referendum d'autodetermination.
The 'decolonisation' of science and education broadly refers to the radical questioning, unmasking and undoing of the colonial context and values that permeated education and scientific training in the period when most countries in the so-called developing world (Africa in particular) were colonised and exploited by countries and/or institutions in the so-called developed world.
During the process of decolonisation between 1965-1968, Britain detached a group of islands to the northeast of Mauritius known as the Chagos Archipelago and regrouped them into a new colony known as British Indian Ocean Territories.
In a statement, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) said: "Court is of opinion that the UK is under obligation to bring to an end its administration of Chagos Archipelago as rapidly as possible and that all member states are under obligation to cooperate with UN to complete decolonisation of Mauritius."
ISLAMABAD:Ambassador of Pakistan to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi has said that peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute is vital to complete the United Nations' (UN) decolonisation agenda as the task would remain incomplete without settlement of the long-festering issue.
Les participants a la Conference internationale sur le Sahara occidental, abritee a Geneve (Suisse), ont appele l'Espagne a assumer ses responsabilites vis-a-vis de la question de la decolonisation du Sahara occidental et a mettre fin aux souffrances de son peuple.
Decolonisation of Materialities or Materialisation of (Re-)Colonisation?: Symbolisms, Languages, Ecocriticism and (Non) Representationalism in 21st Century Africa
Came referred to posters by Tamaki Treaty Workers (a tauiwi group in Auckland) showing 10 suggested decolonisation actions for change by non-Maori Kiwis.j As well as recognising and learning about injustice (becoming an ally) comes the responsibility to take action, decolonisation (removing oppression and marginalisation) and power-sharing (upholding and implanting te Tiriti).
Lodhi added that UN agenda of decolonisation will not be fulfilled without the freedom of Kashmir as per the wishes of the people as it is one of the longest disputes of all time and it represent the failure of UN.
Decolonisation and the Pacific Indigenous Globalisation and the Ends of Empire.
Recalling the Caliphate engages critically with the interaction between Islam and the political in context of a post colonial world that continues to resist profound decolonisation. In the first part of this book, Sayyid focuses on how demands for Muslim autonomy are debated in terms such as democracy, cultural relativism, secularism, and liberalism.
Writings by Dutch military veterans of the decolonisation war in Indonesia (1945-1949) are abundant.