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cut the head of

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Rat was quickly decollated and the brain was collected on the ice plate, then hippocampal tissue was isolated and placed into 1.5 mL tube and stored in liquid nitrogen temporarily and then transferred to -80[degrees]C refrigerator.
1-6): Mature shells are lusterless white, are up to nearly 30mm in standard length, are moderately stout, being 0.34-0.37 times as wide as long, and are decollated with 7.3-8.5 whorls remaining below the apical plug (vestiges of earlier whorls in the holotype and paratypes were removed to expose the plug).
I have saved the second of Burke's three "instances" for last because it most forcefully underlines the questions of taste, power, and social harmony that become tangled in the "Introduction on Taste." (35) Burke recounts the story of the Turkish emperor, Muhammad II, who, having been shown by a painter "a fine piece of a decollated head of St.
The Turkish emperor, associated with terror and with the aesthetic pleasures that others' pain can bring (witness the decollated head of John the Baptist as a subject of painting), becomes Burke's most persuasive, forceful, astonishing example of the sublimity of taste--that is, of delicacy of taste gone wrong.
On the first arch there had been 'a trophy of "decollated heads"' under the inscription 'Sequitur Rebelles | Ultor a tergo Deus ("Gods Vengeance Rebels at the Heels pursues")', explained by Ogilby as 'representing in a Trophy the late Example of God's justice apon the Rebels, who committed that most horrid murther upon His Majesties Royal Father of Blessed Memory' (p.