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cut the head of

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Indeed, the presence of decollate larval shells among planktotrophic members of the family may indicate that this larval form is widespread within the group.
Recollective of arma Christi images, many of the frescoes in the cells there employ an artistic language or, at least, an artistic syntax, that in its simplicity and abstractness relates to that of the tavolette used at San Giovanni Decollate.
Pick snails when young or consider purchasing decollate snails from retail stores so they will feed on the eggs or hatchlings of the slimy critters before they grow big and become too troublesome.
The major pests usually are birds (cover your ripening fruit with bird netting), and slugs or snails, which can be controlled by eliminating weeds, setting out beer traps, using a copper barrier strip around the bed's perimeter or releasing decollate snails (Rumina decollata), a proven slug-and-snail predator sold in garden centers and nurseries and available via mail-order.
decollate reports for individual users, minimizes printed