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Synonyms for decode

Synonyms for decode

convert code into ordinary language

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Furthermore, literature [21] has constructed a new multi-layer model to iteratively decode LDPC code, but this only applies to short code.
There are many cooperative strategies to achieve efficient node cooperation, such as amplify and forward [2-4], decode and forward [5], and coded cooperation [6, 7].
The company's William Chen, applications engineer, said the eight-channel scope can "decode frames, fields, and other information from the waveform displayed on the screen.
Source node sends data packet processed by random linear network coding and destination node decodes according to encoding principles.
The SVS-8 can decode multiple encoding formats simultaneously, a company statement said.
9) analyzer, trace viewer, and trace control; enhanced Fibre Channel protocol decode support; cut and paste from trace data to trace control (trigger and filtering); new XML-based configuration files for all applications; intertwined protocols with time synchronization; SANMetrics support (1, 2Gbit Fibre Channel Only); expert analysis and performance statistics for Fibre Channel; and high channel count support.
The three-letter word HYL decodes to A_E; therefore, Y is probably the code for R.
Sniffer solutions' award-winning and easy-to-use interface simplifies and speeds the deployment and maintenance of these technologies by providing detailed protocol decodes and expert analysis, helping detect potential errors in configuration and interoperability.
Those people driven more by security tell the conventional, comforting story: scientific understanding decodes the text of a god who makes everything work out in the end as we join him after death.
The Observer 6.2 VoIP decode allows administrators to troubleshoot a connection quickly and easily with a complete H.323 protocol decodes.
CABAC decodes every bin of the syntax element using binary arithmetic decoding based on its probability model.
Capable of lightning-fast scans (up to 3000 channels per second) in multiple frequency bands, with multiple technologies, the Seven.Five scanner decodes DVCC, BSIC and PN decoding simultaneously.
The system offers: non-intrusive piconet probing; step command generation; English language protocol decodes at every level of the Bluetooth stack; exerciser scripting, allowing the creation of any profile; a brad array of real-time triggering, filtering and searching; encrypted traffic decoding for all devices in the piconet; user-defined decoding capabilities; full automation APIs; detailed "trace navigatable" reporting system; synchronization with other test tools via its breakout board; fully integrated color coded hierarchical viewing structure; and the ability to follow master/slave switches without participation.
The company is incorporating the LANWatch technology into its Netintercept product line, which monitors e-mail; it decodes and analyzes entire TCP/IP streams and stores the results in an SQL database.