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Synonyms for decode

Synonyms for decode

convert code into ordinary language

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Designed for developers, engineers, and IT staff, the Enabler allows WildPackets customers to expand WildPackets' decoded packet display to the larger realm of Ethereal decodes, also known as dissectors.
The ability to decode multicast traffic ensures that problems are identified and resolved quickly and efficiently.
The capability to decode SSL-based traffic ensures that IT professionals can view, regulate, configure and troubleshoot the components of a secure transaction to resolve problems before they impact their business.
This product is available in a one-output channel configuration and supports full hardware decode of MPEG 1 / 2 standard definition video, full-screen or in a window, with either simultaneous or independent display.
The DSLscope provides the ability to evaluate and decode the data running inside the DSL connection," said Mike Trujillo, Broadframe President.
While existing SNMP protocol analyzers are both expensive and limited in scope to supporting Internet compliant information, FTS for NTCIP is affordably priced and supports all standardized center-to-field protocol stacks for the transportation industry--and is able to decode proprietary objects.
This capability and the protocol decodes are not found in any other PC-based network impairment emulator.
The B-ISUP network-node interface (NNI) signaling decodes complement the existing user-network interface signaling decodes (ATM Forum UNI 3.
0 also features an optional Multi-QoS plug-in that provides decodes of the H.
263 standard, six decodes and one encode are expected to be handled in real time.