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Synonyms for decode

Synonyms for decode

convert code into ordinary language

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Parlade said based on the decoded information from the documents obtained from the CPP-NPA, "Supermarket" is the targeting of PNP stations and AFP detachments to amass firearms; "Casino" is sparrow operations targeting military assets and intelligence; "Bulldozer" is about attacking mining corporations, burning of high impact government projects, and other terrorist acts; and "Tabasco" is targeting suspected Tokhang agents/EJK (extra-judicial killings) suspects.
Concisely, if all inputs can be correctly decoded by decoding scheme, multiplying weights with inputs can make the decoding convergence faster to the codeword; if there are some abrupt errors occurring, multiplying weights with inputs can reduce the effects of errors.
Initialize: Decide a vector c by [c.sub.i] = arg [max.sub.j]{[y.sub.i,j]}, 0 [less than or equal to] i [less than or equal to] N -1 Set E = 0 while [absolute value of E] < N - K do Try to error-and-erasure decode c if decoding success then [??] is the decoded codeword Break while loop else if decoding fail then Case: Measure ratio: [i.sub.max] = arg [max.sub.i[notmember of]E] {[y.sub.i,j]}/[max.sub.j]{[y.sub.i,j]} output: [i.sub.max] = arg [max.sub.i[notmember of]E] {[y.sub.i,j]} sum: [i.sub.max] = arg [max.sub.i[notmember of]E] {[[summation].sup.M-1.sub.j=0] [y.sub.j]} Erase [i.sub.max]th codeword symbols, i.e.
Finally, we have shown that the synchronous hand gestures could be decoded using an ECoG-based real time control.
Table 1 shows some examples of OSMLD codes that can be decoded by theses codes are also known as self orthogonal codes.
After about ten iterations, the decoding process will converge to the decoded image.
Smith concluded, "The number of serial buses that can be decoded simultaneously is limited only by the number of channels on the specific PicoScope model.
Each row in [L.sup.a.sub.1] and [L.sup.a.sub.2] constitutes the apriori LLRs of an RS codeword and can be decoded independently by applying ABP algorithm.
In the experiment, one animal acted as the controller of the movement, then "decided" which target location to move to, and generated the neural activity that was decoded into this intended movement.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 31, 2014-Stylus Media buys US Decoded Fashion
Input: The the received vector [y.sup.N-1.sub.0]; Output: The decoded codeword, [[??].sup.N-1.sub.0]; (1) Getting the probability messages [q.sup.N-1.sub.0] (0) and [q.sup.N-1.sub.0] (1) with the received vector [y.sup.N-1 .sub.0]; (2) Getting the probability messages of each frozen node [V.sub.F]; (3) Getting the error indicator vectors set C with the Algorithm 1; (4) for each [[??].sub.k] [member of] C do (5) Correcting the errors indicated by [[??].sub.k] with (26); (6) Recalculating the probability messages of all the nodes of the decoder; (7) end for (8) Getting the optimal error indicator vector for the decoding; (9) Getting the decoded codeword [[??].sup.N-1.sub.0] by hard decision; (10) return [[??].sup.N-1.sub.0] ; 5.
When using random network coding, the data has to be encoded before being transferred at the sending node and the received data at a destination has to be decoded to recover the original data.
Typically, Furao and Hasegawa [18] introduced the first no-search fractal encoding algorithm which can provide faster encoding process and higher compression ratio at the expense of poor quality of the decoded image.
--The systematic encoding procedure Encod() --The population size Ni --The maximum number of generations Ng --The crossover probability [p.sub.c] --The mutation probability [p.sub.m] --The threshold of reliability S --The threshold of decoding T Outputs: the decoded word c.
This converts to the letters H and O and T, which spells the decoded word HOT.