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Synonyms for decode

Synonyms for decode

convert code into ordinary language

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(i) Decoding delay: the time between the user entry of a channel change and receipt of decodable multicast data.
If [Q.sup.-1.sub.l] [s.sup.T.sub.l] is a decodable syndrome, compute [mathematical expression not reproducible] to obtain an vector [e'.sub.l] such that
The RS (255, 239) requires less hardware resources than the soft decision decodable LDPC (1536, 1152) to achieve the same decoding throughput.
First, all of the decodable words are linked to an animation that breaks the word into decodable chunks and then puts it back together with accompanying pronunciation.
As a result phonics was comprehended by the children as a step up to word recognition, where automatic reading of all words (decodable and tricky) was the ultimate goal.
As slices are independently decodable, prediction is not allowed farther away of the slice limits.
Generalized sidelobe canceller (GSC) is a popular method in this regard to suppress the sidelobes so that the decodable process becomes efficient at the cognitive receiver.
None of the tests revealed statistically significant differences, confirming that, thanks to the proposed preprocessing, users' intention can potentially be decodable from only one channel with the same accuracy achieved with the reference N = 5 channels BCI.
They include new ideas about letter-sound instruction, short-term memory issues, how to apply the blending strategy to words with initial-consonant blends, decodable text, and difficulties in discriminating among phonic units; a phonics assessment with administering and scoring guidelines; a companion website with word/syllable cards, assessment tools, and illustrated stories; revised syllasearch lists with new teaching tips; instructions for the word pocket activity; and more classroom examples and activities, along with expanded word lists.
As Brian Massumi notes in Parables for the Virtual (2002), affect operates as "an unmediated experience" rather than as a decodable signifier (2).
But the films are less about untangling the layers of hidden meanings or decodable subtexts and more about locking into a certain rhythm, an underlying collective pulse that sets the pace and organizes the gestures and utterances.
* Presents a new ability by partitioning the image into regions called slot groups, where each groove becomes an independently decodable subset.
This plethora of common knowledge and decodable knowledge, across classes, sexes and ages, available freely and widely in 1910, and for many decades before that, suggests an important conclusion--that Woolf was many years off the mark in pinpointing of December 1910 as the moment when human character changed, in terms of sexualised knowledge.