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Synonyms for decoct

extract the essence of something by boiling it

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be cooked until very little liquid is left

steep in hot water

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In this paper, different aerial parts of the Rudbeckia triloba were used to obtain essential oil, infusion, decoct, and hydroalcoholic macerate.
The common protocol of preparing most Chinese herb medicine is to decoct herbal material with water for certain time.
We used ceramics to decoct and extract Chinese herbal medicines.
These traditional Chinese medicines were decocted by Sanyan Chinese Herbal Boiler from Tianjin Sanyan Company, which complied with the relevant provisions of the 2010 edition of the Pharmacopoeia and was prepared by Liuzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.
Damask stitch decocted clothes, wall ornaments, face veils, curtains etc.
Back at home, he decocted with one part powder, two parts water and reduced the water down by half.
Thereafter, four-time volumes of distilled water were added into the residue, decocted twice for 30 min.
The mixture of Ephedra sinica (9 g), apricot kernel (9g), gesso (18 g), lobed kudzuvine root (9 g), Scutellaria baicalensis (9 g), Bombyx batryticatus (15 g), and Houttuynia cordate (3 g) was decocted in 1.5 L water till condensing to 300 ml.
Pieces of each sample (10 g) were placed in a beaker, soaked with 200 mL of pure water for 30 min, and then decocted for 30 min.
Based on review of data from previous literature, it was found that the chemical composition of S-31 and sugar residue connection have not been reported yet, indicating that S-3-1 is produced from the decocted SJZD prescription process rather than from any of the four single herbs.
The decocted fruit, exhibited the presence of all the tested secondary metabolites except saponins.
chinensis has been brewed or decocted in water for use as a traditional medicine in some Asian countries, such as India, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam [2, 3].
The fruit pieces were broken and soaked in water for 12 h, decocted and boiled for 60 min, and finally gauze filtered and decocted for 30 min with another 8-fold water.
Eight herbs (Table 1) were put into a 20-fold volume of distilled water, decocted from 80[degrees]C to 100[degrees]C, filtered, and concentrated at 40[degrees]C to 80[degrees]C.
The residue was decocted twice with water; then merged the extracting solution, filter and concentrate it, that is, the final aqueous extract intermediate of medicinal material.