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disengage the clutch of a car

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The single-speed models are three-shaft, constant-mesh designs featuring a declutch mechanism for front axle disengagement.
Roedd yn rhaid i fi wisgo par o `sgidie hoe lion mawr' er mwyn gallu gwneud y `double declutch'.Roedd e'n gwrs dwys pum niwrnod cyn gwneud y prawf -a ro'n i mor falch o basio!'' Wedi cyfnod ar Pobol y Cwm,mae hi bellach yn mwynhau'r hero bortreadu Pat yn Rownd a Rownd.
The Spicer VDT 12000 transmissions offers varied options and features such as a parking brake, different flange capability, modulation, inching, and declutch capabilities.
Head off loading problems by never using damaged ammo trays and correctly stowing the declutch wedge like the IETM says.
The new TC-237 transfer case is a two-speed, three-shaft, constant mesh design featuring tapered roller bearings, a splash lubrication system and a declutch mechanism for front axle and under-drive engagement.
The clutch packs clutch and declutch depending on steering handle position, thereby varying the power transmitted to the particular track.
"It was an absolute monster to drive and you had to double declutch it every time you wanted to change gear.
The TC-1702 is a two-speed, two-shaft constant mesh design that features a declutch mechanism for front axle and underdrive engagement.
He revved his engine, dipped his clutch, ground his gears into position, declutched and the next thing El Turbo rocked violently along its roll axis.
At the lowest load conditions, 800 rpm / 2.0 bar gross indicated mean effective pressure ([IMEP.sub.g]) and 2000 rpm / ~2.6 bar [IMEP.sub.g] (equivalent to 2.0 bar brake mean effective pressure (BMEP)), intake boost was not required for both fuels and the engine was able to operate at naturally aspirated (NA) condition with the supercharger declutched. Exhaust rebreathing strategy was applied for three low load engine operating conditions, 800 rpm / 2.0 bar [IMEP.sub.g], 2000 rpm / ~2.6 bar [IMEP.sub.g], and 1500 rpm / 6.0 bar [IMEP.sub.g].
The engine speed of the new-type hybrid truck reached idling at around 1300 s, 1360 s, and 1390 s because the incorporated control was such that, for a steep descent, the engine is declutched from the electric motor to acquire more regenerative energy.
This powertrain layout declutches the gasoline engine under braking--elimi-nating engine braking when the throttle is closed--and this greater reliance on the brakes increases the regenerative energy available to top off the batteries.
To avoid such adverse conditions, Richard Mille took four years to develop the concept and the design of a rotor that declutches automatically.
When the valve is declutched it can be locked in any position, allowing maintenance, function testing or changeout of the actuator without interrupting the process or compromising the process management systems.