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Synonyms for declination

a marked loss of strength or effectiveness

Synonyms for declination

a condition inferior to an earlier condition

(astronomy) the angular distance of a celestial body north or to the south of the celestial equator

a polite refusal of an invitation

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Only three samples were taken from this vessel; all showed a single component of high stability to alternating magnetic fields with identical inclinations, 45--46[degrees], for two samples although their declinations differed by 100[degrees] and the third sample vector was completely different.
It is unfortunate that the constellation Puppis is at such low declination, because it contains many lovely objects.
For a decade, San Francisco-based Declination Solar designed, installed, and maintained solar energy systems for residential and commercial use, earning a reputation as a solar consultancy with an eye for custom -- and complicated -- implementations.
However, computation of this so-called magnetic declination was never completed.
HealthPocket analyzed publicly available insurance records of 9,450 plans for individuals and families under the age of 65 to determine the average declination rate of health insurance applications, and compared this average to the declination rate of individual insurers.
Its southerly declination deterred UK observers, but it was studied by Gianluigi Adamoli from Verona, Italy.
It's been happening for a while now and the contributing factors such as reach, variety and privacy are all very apparent," says Drag The Bag[TM] co-founder Giulia Scalese on the continued declination of consumers who choose to buy in-store versus shopping online.
The other two--Obolon' in Ukraine and Red Wing in Minnesota--lay on identical declination paths with Rochechouart and Saint Martin, respectively.
A purchaser who has not had a lender check the status of a co-op in advance can result in the declination of a loan.
If criminal charges are pending, the prosecutor's office should screen the case; if the prosecutor declines to prosecute, the investigator should obtain a written declination.
For new business applicants, any adverse action notices should include a clear explanation for the declination of coverage, along with a statement that the person should contact OFAC directly for further information.
Has the employee signed the designated "Hepatitis B Vaccination Declination Waiver Form" (posted at www.
This little tug-of-war between solar declination and the equation of time shifts daylight around a little, but the bottom line is still the same: The darkest day of the year is Dec.
The combination of declination and dip found in the fireplace sample suggest the material could have been last heated during any of three intervals during the past 4 millennia, says Batt.
AFTER the recent rant by Disillusioned Pensioner who complained of my bad grammar - "in English prepositions take the accusative case" - as well as Margaret Thatcher, George Bush, Gordon Brown and everybody, Fred Sheard has been moved to write to me about declination and conjugation in a way that brought a smile back to my face.