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Synonyms for declination

a marked loss of strength or effectiveness

Synonyms for declination

a condition inferior to an earlier condition

(astronomy) the angular distance of a celestial body north or to the south of the celestial equator

a polite refusal of an invitation

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If your mount reports the declination, you don't need to recalibrate when you move to a new target.
1] = reduction of energy consumption, if certain declination of pump proportional pressure control curves is applied (in comparison with constant differential pressure control) in %
Nationwide, insurers' average rejection rate exceeds one in five applications within the individual and family insurance markets--significantly higher than findings from a 2010 congressional study of the largest for-profit insurers, which found a declination rate of one in seven applications.
HealthPocket, a free website that compares and ranks all health plans, analyzed publicly available insurance records of 9,450 plans for individuals and families under the age of 65 to determine the average declination rate of health insurance applications, and compared this average to the declination rate of individual insurers.
Declination rates on Latvian territory varies from 4[degrees] to 8[degrees] (Fig.
which was dictated by the enactment of revisions to Section 2118 of the Insurance Law aimed at simplifying procedures for excess tine brokers in the unauthorized market by reducing paper work as well as the number of required declinations by primary market insurers.
This effect is especially pronounced when the sun reaches its extreme points of declination, such as now.
Declination is the angle from the celestial equator moving away from it at right angles with + to the north and--to the south.
AFTER the recent rant by Disillusioned Pensioner who complained of my bad grammar - "in English prepositions take the accusative case" - as well as Margaret Thatcher, George Bush, Gordon Brown and everybody, Fred Sheard has been moved to write to me about declination and conjugation in a way that brought a smile back to my face.
392), I believe that the term declination was used in error.
Since that time, the letter of declination has been included in an officer's OSR.
The surplus lines bill currently before Congress would provide exemptions from state declination requirements for qualifying large municipalities, not-for-profit organizations, and commercial enterprises that request them.
6 year cycle in which the moon's maximum declination (angle above or below the equator) varies between 18.