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It is estimated that 25% of owned cats in the United States are declawed.
But when the Vice President and Director of Operations for Flournoy Properties, a division of apartment developer, builder and manager Flournoy Companies, saw that the felines his wife and daughter had convinced him to adopt were clawing at his furniture, he thought the natural move was to have them declawed. Needless to say, his wife and daughter set him straight.
Many people declaw cats to prevent damage to furniture and injury to owners, but there are alternatives: behavior modification (training the cat not to scratch), capping the nails with synthetic covers, or even alternate surgical procedures that sever the tendons involved in flexing the toes (which some believe is less drastic).
Anyone who will keep a cat only if he is declawed is not fit to own cats.
Once declawed, you can toss them in a bucket with about an inch of water or livewell (many livewells come with short, 2-inch crustacean standpipes) for short-term storage.
He is credited with inventing a procedure to humanely declaw cats using laser technology.
"More people declaw cats because they are getting scratched, not the furniture.
Warren and othe have raised hackles about recent efforts to declaw the Financial Stability Oversight Council, which was created to safeguard against systemic risks following the financial crisis.AaAe
For people who wish to have their cats declawed, I make the following recommendations: Declaw the front feet only; schedule the surgery when the cat is young, if possible (less than one year old); and avoid several stresses at once.
"That's not to suggest you should declaw your cat," she says, "only that he will not be any more inclined to bite.
"Maybe the NCAA can now convince itself that if USC is willing to declaw its hot basketball team, it can be trusted to show the same tough love with the mighty football team."
In 2005, the CVMA filed suit to overturn the West Hollywood declaw ban, but the Court of Appeal upheld the ordinance.
While Goldfinger tried to use an industrial laser to vaporize Agent 007's manhood, veterinary researchers at Iowa State University used a medical laser to declaw 10 cats, and good old fashioned scalpels to declaw 10 more, for comparison.
"However, the core part of the latest KORUS FTA renegotiations is whether the new deal could declaw U.S.