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lacking high station or birth

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Ask him how Rahul has declassed himself to understand poverty in the country by sharing quarters and meals with Dalits and Akhilesh retorts: " I have seen poverty from up close.
The workflow management system, however, looking at the tags on the data, will then alert the person with authority to declass and give him two choices: either declass the data, and here is the stuff that needs to be declassed to go down to this level, or the system can automatically redact the document.
Hamas draws support from merchants, business people, and the rich, but its cadres and leadership are drawn largely from the educated middle classes or declassed people in refugee camps.
To speak more theoretically, the subject position on offer is the deraced, declassed, and degendered "possessive individual," an economically rational actor who is constructed by and constructs a reality in which democracy is no longer a political concept but is reduced to an economic one (Apple, 2006).
Absolute desire appears most cogently and simply as the expression of declassed popularity" (223).
Kendrick's Edward II is declassed, rather than deposed and fundamentally murdered.
14) This gives them a very disembodied and declassed feeling and makes them very different from the poems Carnie would later produce.