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lacking high station or birth

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This explanation was particularly useful since it provided a nice and politically correct framework within which to explain the great number of "declassed traumatics from various classes of society" (11) (that is, including workers and peasants) among morphine addicts (Golant 1929, 25).
Therefore, because 'in a form or another, remains of old habits, attitudes and conceptions alimented by a series of bourgeois influences from outside still persist in the conscience of some of the society's members', the guards members had to identify and 'combat' the 'corrupt elements', instrumented by 'reactionaries' and by 'imperialists', nothing more than 'remains of the former exploiting classes' or 'declassed individuals, hungry for laziness and ease, creatures free of the most elementary moral norms, willing to sell their homeland, to betray the country in which they were born and grew up in order to satisfy their own petty personal interests'.
Critics are overwhelmingly middle- or upper-class, or else they are 'declassed' by their education and professional status.
In the 1920s, the Soviet government took aim at "socially harmful elements," meaning ex-convicts, criminals, vagrants, and "declassed elements," and launched a dynamic of escalating persecution against them, escalating not because of increasing dangers posed by these "enemies" but because of successively stricter understandings of the terms involved.
It is interesting to observe that Marx himself grumbled in the 1880s about the invasion of the German workers' party by rootless youths, "declassed bourgeois youth" with nothing but their brainpower to sell.
The workflow management system, however, looking at the tags on the data, will then alert the person with authority to declass and give him two choices: either declass the data, and here is the stuff that needs to be declassed to go down to this level, or the system can automatically redact the document.
Hamas draws support from merchants, business people, and the rich, but its cadres and leadership are drawn largely from the educated middle classes or declassed people in refugee camps.
To speak more theoretically, the subject position on offer is the deraced, declassed, and degendered "possessive individual," an economically rational actor who is constructed by and constructs a reality in which democracy is no longer a political concept but is reduced to an economic one (Apple, 2006).
Even if the proceedings are then 'declassed', the class action would still have saved significant amounts of time, costs and resources for the parties and the court.