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Synonyms for declared

made known or openly avowed


declared as fact


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"Your imagination," he declared, "is running away with you."
"A little amusement only," he declared. "I cannot find it except amongst my own kind."
"They think it's easy to be a woman, to be loved, but I know better," he declared. Again he turned to the child.
"I don't want to be called that," she declared. "I want to be called Tandy--Tandy Hard." The child wept so bitterly that Tom Hard was touched and tried to comfort her.
He declared that the bottle was exactly like the bottle in which he had placed the arsenic.
The crumpled paper, with the grains of powder left in it, had been identified by the chemist, and had been declared to contain grains of arsenic.
"He's off, right enough," Hamel declared, as the car glided away.
Fentolin declared. "It is very kind of you indeed, Mr.
"You excite my interest," he declared. "May I know your mission?"
"Come, you are judging me very quickly," he declared. "What opportunities have I had?"
"A mistake," Monty declared. "Never saw you in my life.
"Don't know you; don't want to speak to you," Monty declared.
"Quite impossible, sir," he declared a little brusquely.
Hamilton Fynes declared. "I am sure that my friends on the other side will appreciate your attention.
"Very kind of you," Sir Alfred declared. "As you know, I have been able to give you fragments of information now and then which would cease at once, of course, if my correspondence as a whole were subject to censorship.