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relating to the use of or having the nature of a declaration

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Te said that "the SC has no original jurisdiction over declaratory relief actions" under the Rules of Court.
The Court held that it has no original jurisdiction over declaratory relief actions, as such jurisdiction belongs to the regional trial court.
The Supreme Court has no original jurisdiction over Declaratory Relief actions, the original jurisdiction over such actions is vested in the Regional Trial Court,' the high court said.
A copy of said Petition for Declaratory Judgment and Summons shall be delivered to you or your attorney upon reguest.
In the action, Wintergreen alleges claims for declaratory judgment and injunctive relief, and also moved for a speedy hearing and to shorten the time for defendants to respond to discovery requests.
Saab has, based on the Arbitration Panels declaratory judgement, estimated the financial impact and concludes that Saab Transponder Tech has already paid royalties at least on the level that can be the result of the declaratory judgement.
To wit, Franchise Tax Board stands for the proposition that, if and only if a state (or one of its instrumentalities) brings an action for declaratory relief under its own laws, in its own courts, and the party against whom it seeks such relief is sitting on (i.
03 provides the Comptroller with discretion to issue declaratory rulings "with respect to the applicability to a person, property, or state of facts of the laws or the regulations administered by the Comptroller.
When plaintiffs want prospective relief, they usually request an injunction, a declaratory judgment, or both.
In the judgment, a majority of the Supreme Court adopted a deferential approach to declaratory legislation, a special form of legislation that directs a particular interpretation of an already existing statute.
6) In these public patent litigations, the declaratory plaintiffs seek to invalidate patents on a variety of grounds.
This will ensure that the record is complete on the issue of whether the activities occurring at the Upton facility are part of transportation by a rail carrier and therefore could be exempt from state and local bylaws, according to the Surface Transportation Board's declaratory order filed Jan.
Digital identities specialist Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ:DMRC) reported on Thursday that the US District Court for the District of Delaware has dismissed the declaratory judgment action filed by Verance Corporation against Digimarc in September 2010.
One of those carriers, Zurich American, filed a pre-emptive declaratory judgment action in New York, the jurisdiction from which the policy was brokered, seeking a determination that it had no duty to either defend or indemnify the plaintiff with respect to any cleanup costs at the Camden site.