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Synonyms for declarative

Synonyms for declarative

a mood (grammatically unmarked) that represents the act or state as an objective fact

relating to the use of or having the nature of a declaration

relating to the mood of verbs that is used simple in declarative statements


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Finn further added that it was likely to be the procedural memory system that was really important for learning those difficult morphological aspects of language; when one uses the declarative memory system, it doesn't help but harms him.
Polar interrogation is expressed as part of verbal morphology in Purepecha (4), where the interrogative mood suffix -ki replaces the declarative mood suffix -ti.
Sleep previously has been shown to improve motor, visual, and perceptual memories in humans, but this study is one of the first to substantiate a role for sleep in protecting declarative or consciously discussed memories from associative interference, said Dr.
In forms corresponding to commands, the elements that are added to the declarative types consist principally, as has been seen, in the amplification of tone and in the increase of expirational effort and of muscular tension [my translation, EW] (1974 [1944]: 142-143).
Knowledge in the learning context can be broadly classified into two main categories: declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge.
Declarative sentences, usually brightly painted on salvaged wood and reveling in the inept graphic flourishes of a novice sign-writer, are the tragicomic bedrock of the Smiths' art.
The prose at the beginning of the novel reflects her struggle in short, declarative sentences reminiscent of a Dick and Jane reader.
Other topics include automated decomposition of access control policies, privacy protection of enterprise information through inference analysis, deriving semantic models from privacy policies, declarative policies for web service selection, and information lifecycle management in a large-scale file system.
Organizational knowledge contains declarative organizational knowledge as well as procedural organizational knowledge.
The Flex server offers a standards-based, declarative programming methodology for delivering user experiences via the Macromedia Flash Player.
First, when discussing cognitive variables the classical distinction between declarative and procedural knowledge (Anderson, 1983) remains highly relevant.
It is if you are in denial--your collectively synthesized declarative interrogatory is: "Why can't the world just buy what we make?
In this book, Liebler explains some fundamental aspects of analytic chemistry and mass spectrometry in simple, straightforward terms, using everyday analogies and simple declarative language.
Note the short, declarative sentences devoid of compound clauses and adverbs and other speed bumps on the road to reading.
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