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Synonyms for declarative

Synonyms for declarative

a mood (grammatically unmarked) that represents the act or state as an objective fact

relating to the use of or having the nature of a declaration

relating to the mood of verbs that is used simple in declarative statements


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Finally, the article First-Order Logic with Inductive Definitions for Model-Based Problem Solving, by Maurice Bruynooghe, Marc Denecker, and Mirek Truszczynski, complements this special issue by broadening the view on declarative problem solving.
001), while no significant difference was observed in marks in declarative knowledge questions (p=0.
Finn further added that it was likely to be the procedural memory system that was really important for learning those difficult morphological aspects of language; when one uses the declarative memory system, it doesn't help but harms him.
Declarative knowledge of form means knowing the formal characteristics of the writing one intends to produce.
In typological studies of the domain (Moravcsik 1971; Ultan 1978; Sadock, Zwicky 1985; Siemund 2001; Dryer 2005a; Konig, Siemund 2007), the following types of interrogative marking have been identified: intonation, interrogative particles, verbal inflection, disjunction (A-not-A), order of constituents and absence of declarative morphemes.
In languages such as English (Ladd 1996) the ordinary intonation of a declarative with two peaks can have two realizations: 1) the second peak (p2) can be equal to or higher than the first peak (p1) as in (la), and 2) p2 can be much lower than p1, as in (lb).
In most meetings, there are lots of declarative remarks," he said.
In Early Modern English, from about 1500 onwards, the periphrastic do-construction developed in all types of sentences, including affirmative declarative sentences.
BOSTON -- Sleep strengthens declarative memory, a finding that could one day be exploited to combat cognitive declines associated with dementia and neurologic disorders, Dr.
Although findings regarding parental use of declarative sentences (statements that serve the function of commenting on a child's activities) were inconsistent across studies, Cross (1984) suggested that parental use of declaratives is an index of the amount of speech directed to the child, a measure that is positively associated with child language development.
Focus on your specific audience and be decisive, declarative, and definite in what you stand for.
Finally, the book explores specific content areas, focusing on those areas where there is a significant body of knowledge on the neural underpinnings of cognitive development, including: declarative and non-declarative memory and learning; spatial cognition; object recognition; social cognition; speech and language development; and attention development.
The case for the Dodgers to be the fourth wild card in fiveyears to win a World Series -- or at least get their first series win or pennant since '88 -- begins with a simple, declarative, ``Why not them?
Its nine original songs declare the state of the nation in urgent declarative sentences ("America needs a leader") sung to folkish melodies over Young's patented wash of distorted electric guitar and lumbering bass-and-drums thud.
Knowledge in the learning context can be broadly classified into two main categories: declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge.
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