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that must be declared

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Corporations' self-financing of investments through retained profits gave them access to finance independent of government-determined interest rates; 'transfer pricing' allowed for manipulation of declarable taxable profits; and cartel behaviour over price-setting undermined exchange rate policies aimed at improving trade performance and the balance of payments while limiting the efficacy of counter-inflationary measures aimed at protecting real wages (Thompson, 2006, 192).
Was it appropriate for the WHO to take advice from experts who had declarable financial and research ties with pharmaceutical companies producing antivirals and influenza vaccines?
Ahead of the meeting, authority officers said Coun Jackson's interests as a landowner wouldn't constitute a declarable interest but that this may change if he was asked to consider the development of policies which might affect their land interests.
Eziglaze C is especially suitable for freshly baked goods, is declarable as wheat and has increased the range of non-GM glazes.
Poetry readings of recent works by Jennifer Boyden ("The Declarable Future"), Charles Goodrich ("Going to Seed") and Rodger Moody ("Self-Portrait/Sixteen Sevenlings").
On the ingredients side, the reduction of additives and removal of declarable additives is an unmistakable trend in the meat sector.
Vogue this version showed that hereinafter other in this period the merchants that has poetic talent or experience of love, cannot as soon as you feel and how their expression be considered among age poets, but Mostofi and scholars of the Court and wise and school religious students that might knowledge on rules of the ancients for them, the poet mediate knew for declarable perfection.
However, Turf Club chief executive Denis Egan said yesterday: "To make wind operations a declarable item is not practical as you could have a list as long as your arm if you went down that road, but there is an obligation on trainers to report anything that may have a bearing on a horse's future performance such as a scope that may show up something or a wind operation.
If any council member has a declarable interest in any matter being considered by the council, he/she must not take part in any related decision.
It was developed by Subcommittee F40.01 on Test Methods, part of ASTM International Committee F40 on Declarable Substances in Materials.
This standard defines prohibited and declarable substances contained in materials, thereby ensuring implementation of legal requirements and the Bosch customers' needs.
The actual declaration of interest in question was the much narrower definition of Parliament, a "declarable" interest which had to be put in the Register of Members' Interests merely because it is a remuneration.
Mr Malik returned to the Government this week as communities minister after he was cleared by Sir Philip of breaching the Ministerial Code of Conduct by failing disclose a declarable interest.