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a member of a ship's crew who performs manual labor

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The probe found three of the four Romanian deckhands, including victim Aurelian Dinu, and the Ghanian crewman had not completed the required courses.
The report revealed Dinu was one of three deckhands on the boat who had not done any of the mandatory Seafish training courses.
Traditionally, deckhands are responsible for general maintenance, including the hull, decks and mooring as well as for handling cargo and more.
Sea-going fishing vessels need fit and practical-minded deckhands ready to face challenging conditions and work in a close-knit team
All deckhands on your boat should wear a life vest.
However, Symonds also recreates the personalities of the seamen from admirals to deckhands. One lesser known tactic that he discusses is the Confederate response to the blockade, which was the honored tradition of privateering.
Any work for deckhands? Yes, says the captain, we could do with an experienced man.
The herring skippers hired tenders, deckhands, and airplanes anyway.
These involve a voyage to the island with a Captain Bligh-esque figure and two "deckhands" costumed for work on a modern cruise ship.
Nowadays, the crews on these vessels trade more stories than otter pelts, mostly, their youthful deckhands putting in long hours during sails up and down the West Coast, conducting educational programs, tours, adventure and battle sails - the latter being the most exciting part of the job.
In 2001, deckhands incurred 27 percent of all reported injuries, ranking them behind equipment operators as the worker most likely to be injured.
At the time of the incident, the plaintiff and several deckhands went onto the levee to receive the vessel's mooring lines when the plaintiff became stuck in the mud up to his thighs.
Merlen and Maryon Hatter first met as deckhands on a 100-foot sailboat, cruising-from Florida to the Bahamas through the Panama Canal and on to Hawaii.
You won't find deckhands and portholes on this vessel, though.