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a member of a ship's crew who performs manual labor

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Another important element to bear in mind when analyzing the results previously presented is that labor costs were estimated at its opportunity costs, based on the potential incomes a deck hand may earn in the construction business, and was not based on the current prevailing share system.
Lackay has worked and studied his way up the ranks, becoming a leading deck hand and then first mate before qualifying as a skipper in January this year.
10, a 27-year-old deck hand with four years, eight months of experience drowned at a dredge operation.
One was a deck hand called John Ireland; the other was William D'Oyly, the son of a captain in the Bengal Artillery.
Allison Rogers, a deck hand aboard the USS Ponce, said that they were glad they could rescue the Bahrainis.
On this Day of the Seafarer, let us celebrate the brave women and men, from master to deck hand, from sandy shores to the deepest ocean blue, from all corners of the world, who make it possible for the shipping industry to underpin our global economy and foster greater progress for all.
Club, Grades 9-12; co-president Grade 12; principal cellist in Musical Pit Orchestra, Grades 7-12; deck hand and sound operator in backstage crew for fall and spring plays, Grades 9-12; Debate Team, debater and judge, Grades 9-12; teacher's assistant at Tatnuck Magnet Elementary School, Grades 6-12.
Mr Martin was a deck hand with the merchant navy on Christmas Island in the late 1950s.
It is brown leather and looks like something a deck hand on a North Sea fishing trawler would wear.
Whitehead, owner of Easy Pluck bird dressing systems, was the veteran deck hand on our expedition.
From day one, the crew entrusted us with jobs that they would expect an experienced deck hand to do, like hoisting up sails, securing rope and steering the ship.
Smart, humorous, delightfully detailed this personal account is a great addition to any collection or supplemental reading list concerning the Great Lakes, commercial sailing, and the life of a contemporary deck hand.
Unless you splash out more cash and hire a deck hand it certainly seems like too much hard work and a very expensive hobby to me.
The episode "The Man at the Top" was set in London where a down-on-his-luck deck hand named Hardy (played by Peter Firth) had been stranded after his ship sailed off without him.