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Synonyms for decision

Synonyms for decision

a position reached after consideration

Synonyms for decision

a position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration

(boxing) a victory won on points when no knockout has occurred

the outcome of a game or contest

the trait of resoluteness as evidenced by firmness of character or purpose

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In this study, we examined decisional balance, self-efficacy, mindfulness, resilience, BMI and V[O.
They offer inconsistent decisional value, and they are not tailored to support key activities in the acquisition process.
It is important to address these inaccurate perceptions and expectations, as they may lead directly to decisional conflict, a state associated with individuals changing their mind, regret, lack of knowledge, and blame for bad outcomes (Sun, 2004; Gattellari & Ward, 2005).
Following the forgiveness literature, we might also investigate the ordering of these loves, assuming that decisional love marks the first step in the journey toward Elliott's (2012) ideal of emotional love.
Thus, the notion of thematic space allows analyzing both the groups excluded from the decisional system, and the effects induced by the fragmentation of the controversy on different arenas generating each a proper dynamic of debate.
In these cases, doing a decisional balance sheet can be very discouraging, as clients might feel even worse about not being able to quit.
It is capable of systematically capturing/examining the causes that affects proper translation of decisional problem.
Finally, cultural differences exist that are related to decisional and emotional forgiveness.
The problem with destroying the private, however, is that the more governmental intrusion that occurs in one's life, the less decisional privacy one has.
The typical cases that come to our ethics consultation service are about decisional capacity, surrogate decision-making, safety, goals of treatment, and, less frequently, about withholding or withdrawal of treatment.
com, for the latest legal news, court information, decisional law, advance word on new statues and regulation, and coverage of the profession, all coupled with expert analysis and perspective.
The court shall only authorize the sterilization if "by clear and convincing evidence and based on written findings of fact and conclusions of law" the court finds that the ward lacks decisional capacity, the ward is capable of procreation, the benefits of sterilization are greater than the harms, less intrusive alternatives are inadequate, and sterilization is in the best interest of the ward.
The major themes of connectedness and influence of role models and mentors emerged from the participants' descriptions of decisional criteria that gave priority to relationships and multiple life roles in career decisions and work life.
The Administrative Procedure Act established unique conditions for administrative law judges' (ALJ) hiring and employment to protect their decisional independence.