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Synonyms for decision

Synonyms for decision

a position reached after consideration

Synonyms for decision

a position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration

(boxing) a victory won on points when no knockout has occurred

the outcome of a game or contest

the trait of resoluteness as evidenced by firmness of character or purpose

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But the greatest objection of all is, that the decisions which would probably result from such appeals would not answer the purpose of maintaining the constitutional equilibrium of the government.
Energy may be likened to the bending of a crossbow; decision, to the releasing of a trigger.
This decision, on being made known, utterly crushed the Texan deputies.
Vanstone, basking in golden visions of his young friend's future, echoed that monosyllabic decision with all his heart.
Her eyes brightened, as they looked into his face and saw the decision there already, with the double penetration of her womanhood and her love.
The next morning the all-important decision was announced in words.
Staff members often state what they would do, while at the same time advising proxy decision makers that they have to make decisions based on what they think is right.
To promote effective decision making in the counseling process, rehabilitation professionals may benefit from understanding the basics of the neuro-cognitive mechanics of decision making.
This paper explains how perceptions of hierarchy in decision making are related to beliefs about influence over change and implementation decisions in Piedmont.
Cognitive decision-making skills are essential for establishing and meeting goals, planning careers, exploring/investigating career choices, making decisions about the future, and establishing objectives and activities.
Delaying may also provide an opportunity to discover changes in the environment surrounding the decision problem, which alters the original probability distribution with some events becoming more likely and other events less likely, or to improve the accuracy of estimated consequences or payoffs.
In contrast, focusing on world-class decision support capabilities yields the changes required to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and much more effectively positions companies for long-term profit improvement.
People long thought, and often used as the basis for training, that expert decision making involved a thorough consideration of the alternative courses of action and careful evaluation of the pros and cons to identify an optimum decision.
A chief criticism of the binding Early Decision process had been that it prevented students from seeking a better financial aid package.
An excellent book on decision-making is Decision Traps: The Ten Barriers to Brilliant Decision-Making and How to Overcome Them by J.