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destroying or killing a large part of the population (literally every tenth person as chosen by lot)

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To this day, Theresa May and her Tory ministerial colleagues continue to ignore the needs of Scottish communities devastated by the decimation of heavy industry.
With additional IP-based decimation filters, the overall DDC decimation is programmable from 2 to 128.
DESPITE recent news of a 49-yearold Arizona woman killed in trialling of the driverless car, our government's thumbs up ignores the potential damage to - and decimation of - the driving instruction industry.
DESPITE recent news of a 49-year-old Arizona woman killed in trialling of the driverless car, our Government's "thumb's up" ignores the potential damage to - and decimation of - the driving instruction industry.
"Their decimation of neighbourhood policing also left communities exposed - and weakened police and intelligence responses to terrorism."
"What's more, their decimation of neighbourhood policing has left communities exposed and weakened the police and intelligence services in their response to tackling terrorism."
Mousavian welcomed the trilateral cooperation between Iran, Russia and Turkey to initiate and hold the Astana process, saying that decimation of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist in Syria and Iraq was the outcome of the joint efforts by these three nations.
In "Should Artificial Intelligence Be Regulated?" (Issues, Summer 2017), Amitai Etzioni and Oren Etzioni focus on three issues in the public eye: existential risks, lethal autonomous weapons, and the decimation of jobs.
This book traces the development of Germany's Black community, from its origins in colonial Africa to its decimation by the Nazis during World War II as it follow the careers of African people arriving from the colonies, examining why and where they settled, their working lives and their political activities, and giving unprecedented attention to gender, sexuality and the challenges of 'mixed marriage'.
The truth is the United Kingdom provides approximately PS20 billion annually, but receives PS10 billion back in the form of grants for projects which we would not necessarily choose What has not been said and is possibly more important is that with the continued decimation of the economies of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece and the new memberships of poorer countries, our contributions will increase and we will have no say in what that increase will be and no veto to stop it.
At the receiver, a digital down-converter (DDC) is commonly used to retrieve each individual channel of interest using a complex mixer (heterodyne) followed by a low-pass filter and decimation.
"Margaret Thatcher's legacy in Neath is the decimation of the mining communities.
In such bleakness, strong laws enacted to protect and control shark decimation come as a ray of hope.