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destroying or killing a large part of the population (literally every tenth person as chosen by lot)

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The channelizer solves this challenge by invoking a theorem in digital signal processing known as the Noble Identity to perform decimation ahead of a polyphase filter partition.
Manifest Decimation is like another way of saying conquer and destroy.
GMB national officer Brian Strutton said: "Plainly this Government has engineered the most savage decimation of public services ever seen.
Come on, North Tyneside councillors, get your act together and stop this Arriva takeover and decimation to our buses and our social activities.
FOLLOWING Rory McIlroy's decimation of the field at the USPGA, he's now as short as 1/6 to win more than the 6 majors that Nick Faldo won in his career, while it's 9/1 for him to better the record 18 majors that Jack Nicklaus amassed during his illustrious time on the greens.
What is it with the decimation of trees in The Meadows?
EUROPEAN Union (EU) honey production will receive receive Euro EUR32 million annually for the next three years from the European Commission, to help fight the decimation of bee populations by disease.
Our public services are in severe threat of decimation if not radically restructured.
Encountering painted rock carvings, the legacy of Genghis Khan, buried Tibetan manuscripts and the ruins of a once flourishing intellectual center of learning, this lecture looks at the devastating consequences of an authoritarian regime's policy of cultural heritage decimation in the 1930s and the determination of 21st-century Mongolia to protect its past.
As Murdo is old enough to remember the decimation and chaos the Tories brought to Scotland, and the UK as a whole, when they were last in power, I would suggest he is in need of a review of his medication.
Can I just remind people: Both sides have administered the decimation of our manufacturing industry over the last 30 years.
Adam Federman's story on the decimation of North American bumblebees ("Plight of the Bumblebee," Autumn 2009) made me wonder one thing.
Besides this, he added, Decimation Plant would be set up with the cooperation of International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), which has the capability to purify 0.
Contributors mostly from mental health fields, but also history and law discuss such aspects as law and medical ethics at Guantanamo Bay, prison and the decimation of pro-social life skills, the tortured brain, and the US torture of Mohammed al Qahtani and Salim Hamdan.
Those old enough to remember the Tory years of Thatcher and Major through the 1980s and early 1990s of over three million unemployed, the decimation of manufacturing - especially here in the North-east - rampant interest rates of 15%-plus, selling off the family silver, i.