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Synonyms for decimalization

the act of changing to a decimal system

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However, decimalization may affect more than a stock's bid--ask spread.
Chakravarty, Panchapagesan, and Wood examine the effect of decimalization on institutional investors.
For example, brokerage firms put decimalization on the back burner because of preparations for Y2K.
In addition to decimalization, OptionVue 5 version 1.
It is also appropriate for Keane, a leading IT services company that is extremely successful in the financial services industry, to support stock decimalization -- a movement that at its core uses technology to improve efficiency.
has served as an advisor to the Exchange on decimalization.
Third, Watcher traders will be experienced trading in decimals well in advance of the rest of the market, which is moving to decimalization by next year.
The American Stock Exchange (Amex) today announced the details of the first phase of its decimalization plan, which is part of an industry-wide initiative scheduled to begin on August 28th.
Our enterprise software helps high-volume traders tackle the increasing challenges of managing massive amounts of market data generated by tighter agency regulations, decimalization and market fragmentation.
Survey Indicates Sun Is Front-Runner Among Online and Traditional Wall Street Firms and Nabs Lead in Support for Straight Through Processing, Decimalization
He also ran market-data processing, overseeing their decimalization conversion efforts in 2001.
Decimalization and Real Time Messaging Enhancements
Additionally, decimalization and the decline in NASDAQ trading volumes negatively impacted the profitability of Schwab's business.
implementing the SEC mandate for decimalization, creating the global
Changes in trading strategies and technology spawned by decimalization, falling transaction charges, ECNs, market and liquidity fragmentation are forcing firms to incorporate direct feed data onto their market data services to drive down latency and remain competitive.