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the act of changing to a decimal system

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After decimalisation, a 25p piece was introduced, also to mark special occasions, such as the Queen's silver wedding in 1972, Silver Jubilee of 1977, the 80th birthday of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in 1980, and the wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981.
The number of coins made for decimalisation between 1968 and 1971 was 5,782,369,750.
In typical 70s style the decimalisation message was driven home in advertising campaigns featuring scantily-clad models and, in the case of Trustee Savings Bank, a blonde Decimal Dollies customer advisor wearing thigh-length boots and hot pants.
MORE 50p coins featuring London 2012 sports designs are being kept for posterity than any other commemorative coin issued since decimalisation, the Royal Mint in Llantrisant said yesterday.
The price of pounds 9 10/- a week tells us that this is clearly before the 1971 decimalisation. One could also enjoy luxurious self-catering flatlets from as little as pounds 4 per week.
You'd have to downgrade the credit rating a touch, in light of the Blues' decline, but in 'trophy' terms it still ranks as the football equivalent of a night in with Miss World (if she won her crown sometime before the moon landings, and has been a streetdrinker since decimalisation).
They saw a variety of horrors: the Troubles in Ulster, entry into the Common Market, decimalisation, and local government 'reorganisation'.
Forty years ago today was "D-Day" as Britain's old system of pounds, shillings and pence gave way to decimalisation, ushering in a new era of metric money with shiny new coins to match.
But the group, which commissioned the research to mark the 40th anniversary of the switch to decimalisation, said the use of cash was likely to decline further, as new payment methods such as contactless payment cards and mobile phone payments, reduced its appeal even for small purchases.
Decimalisation, the supermarket and frozen food also arrived, while new shopkeeper David Lashmar sets up a record store to try to sell vinyl to 21st century shoppers.
Like decimalisation, not all my fellow villagers have completely adjusted to converting from the weekly emptying of landfill bins to the fourteen-day-plus collections.
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand today marked the 40th anniversary of currency decimalisation.
As the UK found with decimalisation, the only thing the new currency has proved is which European holiday destination has rounded up the most.
Despite the shilling's dwindling worth and it's change to 5p with decimalisation, the symbolic bobs have recently been bringing in about pounds 100,000 a year.
It was introduced into circulation in 1969, two years before decimalisation, to replace the 10 shilling note.