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the act of changing to a decimal system

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In typical 70s style the decimalisation message was driven home in advertising campaigns featuring scantily-clad models and, in the case of Trustee Savings Bank, a blonde Decimal Dollies customer advisor wearing thigh-length boots and hot pants.
The new pound coin, set to be introduced into circulation in 2017, and, inset, |the old 'threepenny bit' which disappeared after decimalisation in 1971
Polls showed that 60 per cent of people opposed decimalisation, with the board also being forced to admit that one in four people still didn't know how much a new penny was worth.
Sandra Quinn, director of communications at the Payments Council, said: "Since decimalisation, the debit card has overtaken cash as something we are loathe to leave home without, and we've now arrived at the point where one in three people prefer to shop online rather than in person.
Decimalisation, the supermarket and frozen food also arrived, while new shopkeeper David Lashmar sets up a record store to try to sell vinyl to 21st century shoppers.
They will then fast-forward through a century of change, including the war rationing era, the arrival of self-service in the 1950s, decimalisation, supermarkets and the arrival of frozen food in the 1970s.
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand today marked the 40th anniversary of currency decimalisation.
The Forum of Private Business warned the changes - which it described as the greatest since decimalisation - would result in chaos.
The Central Bank is even getting old pounds, shilling and pence dating back to before decimalisation on February 15, 1971.
As the UK found with decimalisation, the only thing the new currency has proved is which European holiday destination has rounded up the most.
Despite the shilling's dwindling worth and it's change to 5p with decimalisation, the symbolic bobs have recently been bringing in about pounds 100,000 a year.
No panic in the shops SOUTH Wales moved smoothly towards decimalisation today - the last shopping day before the changeover - with no panic buying or a huge rush to the food stores.
1968: Britain's first decimal coins, the 50p and 10p, were issued in preparation for decimalisation.
ONE of the major issues affecting the ring is decimalisation.
1971: The British old penny and the threepenny piece coins ceased to be legal tender as decimalisation continued.