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the act of changing to a decimal system

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Along with the ha'penny, the halfcrown was withdrawn from circulation in 1969, two years before decimalisation occurred.
He said in such situations, euro or decimalisation, the market always won out, adding, ``It's very difficult to raise prices in the market place.
Our customers do not seem to be worried about decimalisation as we have been using dual prices since Christmas.
My primary objection was simply on grounds of how decimalisation would affect the finances of the sport as a whole, and whether it would lead to the closure of shops, with the resultant fall in both levy and picture rights.
DECIMALISATION came to British racecourses when the trial of decimalised odds - rather than the traditional fractions - began at Ascot yesterday.
Punters will lose out by this like all decimalisation changes.
DECIMALISATION resulted in a decrease in the buying power of the pound.
What was the value in new pence of the British crown coin on decimalisation in 1971?
A quick check on the supermarket shelves reveals how much prices have risen since decimalisation.
1971: The British penny and the threepenny (pictured) piece coins ceased to be legal tender as decimalisation continued.
Birmingham collector and journalist Harry Hawkes remembers fondly the process of decimalisation and why it was so important to the country.
It's the first time since decimalisation in 1971 there's been a revamp to our change.
What is particularly worrying about chip and PIN is that there is a quiet revolution underway Even though we are about to embark on the biggest change to the way we pay for goods since decimalisation, the public remains blissfully unaware of it all.
She also saw the disappearance of the white pounds 5 note and the change from pounds, shillings and pence to decimalisation in 1971.
There were huge price rises when decimalisation was introduced in this country", said the Consumers Association.