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the dot at the left of a decimal fraction

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In this week's edition, Decimal point has estimated the fiscal deficit for the April to June 2017 quarter to be at approximately 10.
00 and, no, the decimal point isn't in the wrong place.
When ratings are calculated beyond the decimal point, Alastair Cook's side is ranked behind South Africa, in fifth place.
Gaurav Gupta, Executive Director of Decimal Point stated, "In the current digital world and internet of things, availability of extensive amount of data poses both a challenge as well as an opportunity.
Employees were overpaid pounds 357,587 in total after a new system entered a decimal point in the wrong place.
According to the Daily Times, the UAE series result means South Africa have collected five ratings points and joined India on 123 ratings points but will be ranked below Mahendra Singh Dhoni's side by one-hundredth of a decimal point.
A computer error put an extra decimal point in up to 15,000 bills of Morgan Stanley clients.
On July 28, 1999, in Program Document 37 (PD 37), HHS clarified its guideline for reporting creatinine, requiring labs to report results to one decimal point beyond a whole number rather than to the whole number.
Australia had entered the series on equal points with India at 111, but was below the latter when the ratings were calculated beyond the decimal point, The Nation reports.
It could be decided by a tenth or a hundredth of a decimal point.
com)-- Indian financial research company, Decimal Point Analytics has published their latest "Weekly Digest.
Australia will stay in fourth position when ratings are calculated beyond the decimal point, also trailing first-placed England and second-placed India.
Ten million dollars is a rounding error; it's the kind of thing that gets lost when a decimal point wanders.
Another type of transcription error is the inputting of an incorrect decimal point.
Pakistan, however, edged past Sri Lanka after the ratings were calculated beyond the decimal point, The Daily Times reports.