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Synonyms for decimal

a proper fraction whose denominator is a power of 10

a number in the decimal system

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numbered or proceeding by tens


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Conceptual bases of arithmetic errors: The case of decimal fractions. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 20(1).
The DFM said the Tick Size for the two latter categories will be reviewed in light of the execution of the three decimal fractions on securities below one UAE Dirham.
ANSWERS: 1 Decimal fractions; 2 100 metres; 3 To stir the fizz out of drinks; 4 They are all courses by the sea; 5 Tubular Bells, by Mike Oldfield; 6 The leopard's head; 7 Northumberland; 8 The Young Ones; 9 Sandringham; 10 A Young Gentleman.
The term decimal refers to decimal fractions. Decimal fractions are those fractions that are expressed with denominators of 10 or powers of 10.
Besides, he remains known for his propagation of decimal fractions.
When comparing trends in different parental combinations and/or traits, such complications are avoided by setting the RP for each trait in a family group equal to 1.00 and expressing all other generation means as decimal fractions relative to it.
Shakespeare ruled out the use of decimal fractions to separate the winners and generously awarded TWO packages in what is only the second dead-heat in The SP's years of picking angling winners.
At this point, my instruction was focused on helping the students think about decimal fractions by using a relevant situation, manipulatives, spoken language, and the connections among all three.
Group and individual games teach prime and composite factors; common decimal fractions; useful ways to manipulate odd and even numbers; and factors, divisors, and multiples of numbers.
The manpower half of this exercise is usually stated in decimal fractions of a person, called an FTE (full-time equivalent).
An example of this type of fraud involved the alteration of a program to collect decimal fractions of financial transactions, such as half cents which are normally rounded up or down and ignored.
For ease of reading, the decimal fractions are multiplied by 100,000 and the results are given in whole numbers.
Kouba, Brown, Carpenter, Lindquist, Silver and Swafford (1988) remind us that students are not connecting common fractions to decimal fractions or to percents and ratios.
However, she was acutely aware that she needed more confidence in teaching mathematics, especially the topic of common and decimal fractions. So when she was approached to take part in the project on students' understanding of common and decimal fractions, she agreed enthusiastically, "because division with decimals was the most difficult concept I tried to teach my grade 6 class last year." But she made it clear that she would need a lot of support from us.
The disadvantage of such decimal fractions is that some never end.