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a proper fraction whose denominator is a power of 10

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In finding a percent of a given quantity, first reduce the percent to either a common fraction or a decimal fraction, and then multiply.
For example, to express the decimal fraction 725/1,000 as its equivalent using a decimal point:
00 and expressing all other generation means as decimal fractions relative to it.
Such an explanation implies that these preservice teachers did not realize that sometimes multiplying (by a decimal fraction less than 1) could result in a product that was smaller than the original multiplicand.
This paper traces the growing confidence, professional development and empowerment of one teacher of grade six students' understanding of common and decimal fraction concepts.
Analysis of test revealed that the content area of natural number was given more weight in the test and the content area of decimal fraction was given less weight in the test as compared to their weights in the national curriculum.
What is unusual about the decimal fraction of an international Twenty20 game in 2007?
mixed decimal fraction--A number that is made up of a whole number and a decimal fraction.
equivalent fractions and decimal fraction scales) to a Year 6-7 and a Year 7 class.
One advantage of the American system is that it avoids confusion with the decimal fraction 8.
Introductory Common and Decimal Fraction Concepts:' In Research Ideas for the Classroom: Early Childhood Mathematics, edited by Robert J.
The reverse operation of going from a decimal fraction to a proper fraction is well known for terminating decimals but not so for recurring decimals.
The use of paper folding and relevant pictorial representations is most appropriate here, Only when children record fractional ideas in a formal way does the distinction between common and decimal fraction recording need to be introduced.
The majority of students had little idea of the size of a decimal fraction and applied standard rounding rules that were inappropriate for this estimation.
Decimal fractions were not included on the fraction test since understanding the initial decimal fraction concept is more complex than that for common fractions (Watson, Collis & Campbell, 1995).