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a metric unit of volume equal to one tenth of a liter

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In another study involving steers and heifers grazing warm-season grasses at Gainesville, Florida, Hammond and colleagues pinpointed 9 to 12 milligrams of blood urea nitrogen per deciliter of blood as a turning point for balanced feeding programs.
2 One microgram is one millionth of a gram, and one deciliter equals 100 milliliters.
A few weeks after moving out of the home, Gardner's blood lead level dropped to 9 micrograms per deciliter. Within three years, the blood lead level dropped to 2 micrograms per deciliter, the news release states.
The average blood lead level at that time was well over 10 micrograms per deciliter. A blood level below 40 micrograms per deciliter was considered relatively safe.
For example, the drop in a child's IQ for each 1 microgram per deciliter of lead in the blood is much higher at concentrations below 10 [micro]g/dl than at concentrations above that value (SN: 5/5/01, p.
To correct specific gravity discrepancies due to the presence of glucose, subtract 0.004 from the refractometer value for each gram of glucose per deciliter of urine.
Lead exposure in the United States plummeted after the 1978 ban on lead paint, when the CDC reported that 88% of children aged 1 through 5 had blood lead levels above the level of concern of 10 micrograms per deciliter ([micro]g/dL).
Researchers assigned 762 gout patients with serum uric acid concentrations of at least 8 mg per deciliter (mg/dl) to receive either allopurinol (the most commonly prescribed gout drug) or one of two different doses of febuxostat, with a primary goal of lowering uric acid levels to less than 6 mg/dl.
The change was statistically significant only in patients whose final total serum cholesterol level was lower than 148 milligrams per deciliter (mg./dl.).
The Lipitor knocked LDL ("bad") cholesterol down to 79 milligrams per deciliter of blood (mg/dL), while the Pravachol takers' LDL averaged 110 mg/dL.
Background: Despite dramatic declines in children's blood lead concentrations and a lowering of the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions level of concern to 10 [micro]g per deciliter (0.483 [micro]mol per liter), little is known about children's neurobehavioral functioning at lead concentrations below this level.
The intensively managed patients had average blood sugar levels of 150 milligrams per deciliter--about 80 milligrams per deciliter lower than the levels observed in the conventionally managed patients.
That is defined as a reading of 20 micrograms per deciliter of blood.
Persons who consumed 3 grams daily of the soluble fiber in oat bran--the equivalent of a generous helping of cold oat bran cereals or hot oatmeal--were able to lower their cholesterol levels an average of 6 milligrams per deciliter in only three months or less.
The participants who ate the avocado diet decreased their LDL cholesterol by about 14 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL).