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(statistics) any of nine points that divided a distribution of ranked scores into equal intervals where each interval contains one-tenth of the scores

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The decile system provides funding to schools based on discriminatory socio-economic characteristics.
The lower decile shows the lower income class and higher decile show a higher income group in society.
The resulting estimated current distribution of federal taxes, by decile, is set out in Table 4.
To establish the maximum monthly payment on rent or a mortgage, we calculated 30% of the average income of a household within each decile, and deducted from this the average amount spent in each decile on ancillary housing expenses.
Note that the 'Minimum Wage Worker' comes in the seventh decile, and the highest (tenth) income decile is only where the 'Middle Class' begins.
For example, the income of the seventh decile in 2005 is between the income of the seventh and eighth deciles in 2011.
Health region-adjusted household income decile, the explanatory variable, provides a comparison of a respondent's household income relative to that of other respondents in the same health region, for each of the 107 health regions in the 10 provinces.
Each cell that corresponds to row iand column j contains four pieces of information: the first figure is the number of firm-years that were in misclassification decile iin period (t--1) and transferred to misclassification decile j in period t.
Tables 2 and 3 show the income structure and average consuming trends for each income decile according to socioeconomic areas, respectively.
As the deciles for baseline knee pain and function decrease in severity, there are diminishing mean improvements and an increasing proportion of patients who do worse after the operation, he reported.
For example, funds in the lowest performance decile have a probability of deletion of 25.
Income deciles Weighted decile of equivalised household disposable income at a wave.
HFR said performance dispersion in Q2 among constituents of the HFRI indices increased over the January-to-March period, as the returns of both the top and the bottom decile declined.
All portfolios sorted on size or book-to-market are sorted into 10 portfolios with decile breakpoints based on only NYSE firms.
I calibrate that framework using recently produced data on Social Security beneficiaries by lifetime income decile and both existing and new survey evidence on the normative priorities Americans have regarding their Social Security benefits.