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(statistics) any of nine points that divided a distribution of ranked scores into equal intervals where each interval contains one-tenth of the scores

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The Rothschild Larch Lane Alternatives Fund's top decile performance is strong validation of our disciplined multi-dimensional approach utilizing a concentrated, high-conviction portfolio investing across the liquid spectrum of equities, government bonds, currencies and commodities," commented Shakil Riaz, the New York-based Global CIO and Head of U.
To provide quantitative results I use recently produced data on the net worth, benefit levels, and mortality risks of Social Security beneficiaries by lifetime income decile.
Women living in the bottom decile are expected to live until 79, seven years earlier than their more fortunate counterparts.
Between 47 and 75 percent of hospitals ranked in an extreme decile by one metric stayed in the same decile when a different metric was applied (Table 4).
4% for a person in the fifth decile ($2,901/$30,920) and then falls in succeeding deciles to a low of 3.
A school's decile rating indicates the extent to which it draws its students from low socioeconomic communities.
Funding nurses to practise in low decile schools addresses some of the links between poverty, ill health and educational underachievement," she said.
The top decile neighborhoods of Pittsburgh and Buffalo have also experienced sizable gains in educational attainment (figure 3).
The median and lower decile fund ratios from the three simulations (all equity, 50:50 bond:equity, and life cycle) are shown in Table 3.
The following were excluded from the analysis: pregnant women, as their Body Mass Index (BMI) is transiently influenced; adults who require help moving about inside their home given their inability to be physically active; and data from the three Territories, as Statistics Canada does not report income decile for the Territories (our main independent variable).
Our regular deciles table above (which break down every sales market into ten per cent segments, with decile one representing the top end and decile 10 the bottom 10 per cent of trade) clearly illustrates this.
Sorting incomes into ten groups (deciles) within each MSA and comparing the mean growth rate of the second through the tenth decile to the first decile reveals that on average the second through the seventh decile experienced bigger percent drops in home prices relative to the lowest income decile, while the ninth and tenth deciles (the highest-income zip codes) experienced smaller price declines than the lowest income decile.
But if one adds the value of health insurance, the first (poorest) decile grew 12.