deciduous tooth

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one of the first temporary teeth of a young mammal (one of 20 in children)

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Propolis, another antibacterial product, had antibacterial effect on bacteria isolated from the deciduous tooth canals (37).
Tooth impaction can originate from numerous localized etiological factors, including ectopic tooth development or eruption, thick mucosal or bony barriers, premature apical closure, unfavorable tooth rotation, altered eruption sequence, premature loss of a deciduous tooth, retained or ankylosed deciduous teeth, presence of supernumerary teeth or a cyst, insufficient space in the dental arch, or as a sequelae of oral trauma [2].
Clinical signs suggestive of a DC include a retained deciduous tooth, delayed eruption of a permanent tooth, and painless swelling of the involved area.
The deciduous tooth calcification process begins in the 4th month of intrauterine life finishing 11 months after birth.
DL-1 was obtained from a deciduous tooth with partial root resorption, whereas DL-4 was derived from a deciduous tooth presenting total root resorption.
He had a residual deciduous tooth - commonly called a baby tooth - that never had a permanent tooth under it, and it had begun affecting the alignment of the rest of his lower teeth.
From each deciduous tooth germ at its bell stage a lingual successional lamina grows from the site of continuity between outer and enamel epithelium and dental lamina.