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(of plants and shrubs) shedding foliage at the end of the growing season


(of teeth, antlers, etc.) being shed at the end of a period of growth

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The deciduous red or river birch (Betula occidentalis) has smooth coppery bark highlighted with white lenticels or slits which facilitate gas exchange between the trunk's interior cells and the outside air.
Ogawa is quite correct in his statements about deciduous teeth.
By describing her field studies as a personal journey to discover the history of the eastern deciduous forest from ancient time to the present, Delcourt makes the challenges and rewards of scientific investigation come alive to all who read this book.
Each building will offer office and industrial space and the site will be heavily landscaped with a variety of shrubs, flowers and deciduous and evergreen trees, providing a corporate image.
WCC is tucked away at the end of a dirt road on 26 acres of deciduous forest and wetlands.
Naasz has also served as vice president of the Northwest Horticultural Council where he represented the Washington, Oregon and Idaho deciduous tree fruit industry on federal and international trade issues.
Deciduous trees will drop their leaves in the autumn to let in more light when overheating is less of a problem, and internal blinds can deal with glare when the sun is out.
Trees such as oaks and maples are deciduous (dee-SID-you-us).
ABSTRACT: When moose population density is high (3-5 individuals per 1,000 hectares), deciduous trees, in particular aspen, are depressed, and cutovers are rapidly overgrown with spruce.
They come from New Zealand, in both evergreen and deciduous varieties.
Nearly half of the children had at least one cavity in their deciduous (baby) teeth and over a quarter had at least one cavity in their permanent teeth.
Keeping in mind three hypotheses regarding lead's involvement in tooth decay that suggest that deciduous (baby) and permanent teeth may be affected differently by lead, the researchers also noted which type of teeth were affected by decay.
The deciduous forest biome is created where there is a temperate climate with strong seasonal changes.
The first set of teeth to develop, called deciduous (duh-sijyou-us) or milk teeth, start to come out of the gums at about six months of age and finish erupting by about 21/2 years of age.
Previous studies of this spore-producing tree suggested that Archaeopteris grew only deciduous branches that dropped off after a year or two, a growth pattern that limited the tree's lifetime.