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the epithelial tissue of the endometrium

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Jamil, Antibacterial potential of Capparis spinosa and Capparis decidua extracts.
Vitamin D plays an important role promoting crosstalk between the maternal decidua and fetal trophoblast.
The criteria for reading the slides stained with HE, took into account the integrity of placental tissues and histological findings, evidenced by the decidua, myometrium and placental villi, which were all observed under the microscope under 10, 40 and 100x magnification lenses.
sup][42] Extravillous cytotrophoblasts formed the cytotrophoblastic shell which stabilized the interaction between embryo and decidua of uterus.
nummularia, 18% (n=27) burrows were associated with Prosopis juliflora, 14% burrows (n=21) were associated with Capparis decidua, 4.
Pathological study of the specimen may reveal multiple chorionic villi and decidua growing into omentum.
Microscopically, there is blood accumulation beneath and dissecting the decidua and compression of the overlying intervillous space, with villous crowding, congestion, and/or intravillous hemorrhage with touching villi; there is also a smudged appearance, as evidence of early coagulation necrosis of the syncytiotrophoblast nuclei, and pale appearance of syncytiotrophoblast nuclei (Figures 7 through 9).
Los criterios que se tuvieron en cuenta para incluir o excluir a los participantes fueron: Ninos entre 3 y 5 anos de edad, con denticion decidua completa, con mordida profunda (Overbite mayor al 40%), arcos estrechos o tipo II, relacion molar con plano terminal recto o escalon distal, ninos sanos, ausencia de habitos y caries, ninos con buen comportamiento.
Malinas, gluma inferior de 6-7,5 mm, 1-nervia, gluma superior de 9,5-10 (-11) mm, con el apice entero; lema convoluta, cilindrica, ligeramente arqueada de 3,5-4 mm X 0,22-0,24 mm, callo o antopodio de 1-1,5 mm, hirsuto-pubescente, pelos blancos de 0,8-1 mm; columna decidua de 7,5-8 mm, recta, con las 3 aristas divergentes, de 18-20 mm, la central ligeramente mas larga, escabriusculas; palea de ca.
A denticao decidua esta completa depois que os segundos molares entram em oclusao, por volta dos dois anos e meio/tres anos de idade, e nao sofre modificacoes ate os seis anos de idade, quando se da a erupcao do primeiro molar permanente [10].
Among tree species, Picea abies, Larix decidua and Alnus viridis were the most abundant (2.
After an embryo has implanted, the lining of the uterus develops into a specialized structure called the decidua, and this process can be replicated when cells from the uterus are cultured in the lab.
Decidua leukocytes, including macrophages, are a prominent population of T cells and natural killer (NK) cells [3] recognized by their direct in vitro cytotoxicity.
It was manifested by a dramatic increase in the lumen of the decidua basalis vessels, uneven plethora, and thickening of blood vessels walls.
decidua are indigenous medicinal plants of Pakistan which are rich in antioxidant compounds.