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Synonyms for decided

Synonyms for decided

not hesitating or wavering

on an unwavering course of action

Synonyms for decided



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She only remembered that Aunt Em had cautioned her to take good care of her uncle, so at once she decided to go on deck and find him, in spite of the fact that the tempest was now worse than ever, and the ship was plunging in a really dreadful manner.
I haven't decided what country I will visit yet; it seems as if there were so many to choose from.
These Witches and Magicians caused so much trouble among my people, often using their powers for evil rather than good, that I decided to forbid anyone to practice magic or sorcery except Glinda the Good and her assistant, the Wizard of Oz, both of whom I can trust to use their arts only to benefit my people and to make them happier.
The prince's further fate was more or less decided by Colia, who selected, out of all the persons he had met during the last six or seven months, Evgenie Pavlovitch, as friend and confidant.
"Trifling as this incident is in my estimation, it has decided me on one point already.
Another target was now set up, at the same distance as the last, and it was decided that the ten archers should shoot three arrows in turn.
The girl's words temporarily quieted the men, and finally it was decided that the two kegs of water and the four tins of food should be divided into two parts, one-half going forward to the three sailors to do with as they saw best, and the balance aft to the three passengers.
These we decided to attempt to reach in the hope that from some ridge we might discern the missing waterway.
She would say to him, she had decided: "Martin, you are one of the kindest and best men, and I could be happy with you if only you loved me, but you don't really care for me and you never will.
So, seeing your camp, I decided to ask you to settle the dispute for once and all, that I may not be further annoyed by this ignorant crab."
"I didn't say that Matthew and I had absolutely decided that we wouldn't keep her.
Considering the alternatives in the cab, he decided that the wise course was to temporize with Anne, by reporting matters as they then stood.
I HAD BEEN LIVING with my grandfather for nearly three years when he decided to move to Black Hawk.
Just as I had decided on the plan of my operations, I heard the sound of many voices in the street commanding silence.
The lucky alarm of an influenza decided what might not have been decided quite so soon.