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Synonyms for decide

make a decision


Synonyms for decide

to make a decision about (a controversy or dispute, for example) after deliberation, as in a court of law

to make up or cause to make up one's mind

Synonyms for decide

References in classic literature ?
You know very well how she will decide it," said Anne, almost in tears.
Now, suppose you tell Leslie and she decides to have the operation.
Decide diabetes is a not-for-profit programme which aims to promote better understanding of diabetes and greater awareness of the condition that could lead to successful prevention and management of diabetes.
Skip the mobs and the freezing weather this holiday season," said Mike Fridgen, CEO of Decide.
In a nutshell: The guy who made ``Narc'' decides to be Tarantino.
E) Decide the total number of shares that can be issued (limit is 4 times the amount issued at incorporation).
However, unlike Hospital A, they decide to deliberately "make a mistake" in how they will select their operative system.
Why not just decide each case on an individual basis when a student misses a lesson?
The Court, in a nutshell, said that married couples, at least when it comes to birth control, had the right to decide what went on in the privacy of their homes, without government interference.
This is why we developed our "Teen Listening logo as a kind of guide for parents who are standing in a bookstore or library trying to decide whether a book is right for them or not.
They decide whether to join the army; whether to donate blood, a kidney or bone marrow to a child; whether to give money to Save the Children instead of buying a new sweater, whether to decline a lifesaving blood transfusion; whether to drive a small fort on wheels that may protect its passengers in a crash but often kills those in less-substantial vehicles.
threw a tantrum) we had to decide what value the program would have if it did not depict a full, accurate portrayal of an appropriate program for students with developmental disabilities.
Rarely does the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims actually decide the merits of veterans' appeals.
Jones decide to sell it and buy the one right next door, which is exactly like theirs.
Expecting him to follow standard procedure and begin class by outlining his policies on attendance, late papers, grading, and such, I snap to attention when he announces that the class would decide the attendance policy by popular vote.