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a logarithmic unit of sound intensity


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To take a decibel reading, diners should download the free app Decibel 10, use the app to record the noise levels at a restaurant and publish the results on Twitter, Facebook and Trip Advisor using the #DecibelSquad hashtag.
Information from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders shows that regular exposure to a volume of 110 decibels, for more than one minute, can cause permanent hearing loss.
HOSPITALS Now there''s an additional reason to be wary of them - a stay there can be prolonged due to the stress-inducing levels of the irregular sounds, like machines beeping and doors banging, which medical journal The Lancet found to be at least 15 decibels above the WHO-recommended 40.
Long-term exposure to sounds over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss, and noise-induced hearing loss can also be caused by a one-time exposure to an intensely loud noise.
The noise limits can be compared to everyday noises, as an average bird call is recorded at 44 decibels, while a large electrical transformer is at 50 decibels.
A human ear can detect the rustle of leaves at 10 decibels, hear a conversation at 60 decibels and even sustain the constant rhythmic thudding noise inside a night club at 110 decibels.
As a guide, 70 decibels is about the noise made by one ordinary-sized car going past - a stream of traffic, by comparison, would make around 85 decibels.
Fulham 65 Described by Alex Ferguson as "quiet and sunbathing" after a victory over Fulham in April, the 75,000 capacity Old Trafford crowd actually hit a decibel level of 94, while Everton came in fourth - behind Aston Villa but ahead of Blackpool.
Although there are now players on the market with built-in software to limit the volume they can be turned to, not all have this facility and many models have a maximum output of 103-108 decibels.
Sure, you can go to RadioShack and get yourself a decibel meter to check the safety of your rehearsal volume, but you don't have to.
The deep guttural growl of modified exhausts fitted to souped-up cars can match the decibel level of a pneumatic drill and make a car sound like it is racing at 70mph when it is barely travelling.
John McClay, a pediatric ear-nose-throat specialist at University of Texas-Southwestern for tips people can use to recognize dangerous decibel (db) levels.
Decibel level of a shriek emitted by tennis prayer Maria Sharapova during a Wimbledon match in July.
The Comfort Program is composed of three collections: Marmoleum Decibel.
THROUGHOUT the correspondence about the Godiva Festival music, the decibel levels are frequently referred to.