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remove chlorine from (water)

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Although it was found previously that lower concentration of alkali (10 mM) could be used to dechlorinate one Cl- ion from DDT.
One sachet can dechlorinate up to two litres of water.
It acts as a physical adsorptive medium to adsorb contaminants from solutions and as a highly active surface on which to dechlorinate water.
When fed amounts stoichiometrically-sufficient to completely dechlorinate PCE, half the H2 released during EtOH fermentation is used methanogenically, with the remainder channeled to incomplete dechlorination.
The company is also bringing out a nonstick Super Boiler, which includes a dechlorinate mode to reduce the odor and taste of chlorine in tap water.
FRX has also filled hydraulic fractures with powdered iron to dechlorinate solvents in the soil.
On the other hand, anaerobic strains don't dechlorinate a PCB molecule all the way.
Bisulfite Is Used In The Water Treatment Process To Dechlorinate Water Used In The Backwashing (Cleaning) Of Biofilters.
Activated carbon has widely been used in industries in order to purify, decolorize, deodorize, dechlorinate, detoxicate, filter, recover salts and used as catalyst and catalyst support.
The culture water used in all experiments was tap water, previously aerated for 24 h to dechlorinate the water (Altaffand Mehrajuddin, 2010).
Fortunately, these are unstable compounds, especially in the presence of sulfite, which is sometimes used to dechlorinate treated water, so they are unlikely to persist long in the environment," Bedner says.
23 quarts, select Zojirushi models also incorporate a dechlorinate mode to remove the Vausty odors and improve the taste of ordinary tap water.
If you are going to add fish, be sure to dechlorinate the water first.
Tenders are invited for Supply needed equipment as specified for the disinfection of wastewater and to dechlorinate before discharge into the receiving stream.