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Synonyms for decertify

cause to be no longer approved or accepted

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9) Following an unsuccessful application to decertify a union, employees can apply to decertify the union again after waiting 12 months;
The issues that the courts have dealt with so far are different from the ruling to decertify," he said.
Either we ignore serious drug problems and vote to certify, or we vote to decertify countries that are our close allies.
From an article in the Altoona Mirror of Altoona, Pennsylvania: "A labor dispute between a Duncansville food distributor and its warehouse employees has come to an end, with a vote to decertify from union representation.
Fifteen votes would have swung it," says staff writer Craig Rose of the 406-378 vote to decertify, which was cast June 11.
Employers and specialized consultants have become quite adept in encouraging employees to decertify unions.
But in 1992, Medellin capo Pablo Escobar escaped from a luxurious prison he helped design, and the United States did not decertify Colombia then.
Dollar General Corporation (NYSE: DG) announced today that the court has granted its motion to decertify the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA") collective action lawsuit pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama.
Administrative Law Judge Rules McKesson Illegally Planned to Solicit Employees to Decertify Teamsters as Bargaining Representative
SOUTHBRIDGE - A spokesman for the state Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development said the agency today will decertify a local union composed of Town Hall and library workers.
As a legal maneuver, the NFLPA could decertify in the coming days.
A postcard sent to registered nurses asked them to sign a card that said, "I request that a vote be taken to decertify the union.
The move by flight attendants follows action taken two weeks ago by mechanics belonging to IAM who have launched a campaign to decertify the union.
Court Grants Motion to Decertify Class and Denies Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment