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remove the cerebrum from (a human body)

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Sevoflurane enhances gamma-aminobutyric acid type A receptor function and overall inhibition of inspiratory premotor neurons in a decerebrate dog model.
(10) analysed decerebrate rigidity in 64 patients and found intracranial hemorrhage in 30%, infection in 30%, hypoxia in 18%, metabolic disorder in 14% and other causes in 8% (birth trauma, congenital deformities, sagittal sinus injury).
Caisey et al., "Vardenafil decreases bladder afferent nerve activity in unanesthetized, decerebrate, spinal cord-injured rats," European Urology, vol.
Strict criteria for the use of WBTH at our institution are based on previously published data [1-3, 9, 10, 14] and defined as a history of birth asphyxia, severe metabolic acidosis on cord blood gases or blood gas obtained within 1 hour of life (pH [less than or equal to] 7 or base deficit [greater than or equal to] 16 or pH 7.01-7.15 or base deficit 10-16 and 10-minute APGAR score [less than or equal to] 5 or assisted ventilation at birth continued [greater than or equal to] 10 minutes), and seizures or other evidence of moderate-to-severe encephalopathy (decreased consciousness, decreased-to-no activity, distal flexion or decerebrate posturing, hypotonia, decreased or absent reflexes, abnormal pupillary response, and abnormal breathing pattern) as documented in the medical record.
It can be either of decorticate or decerebrate pattern and often indicates raised intracranial pressure.
Posturing is further divided into decorticate posturing (flexion of upper limbs, extension of legs) and decerebrate posturing (extension of upper and lower extremities).
motor-unit force thresholds in the decerebrate cat.
Glasgow Coma Scale Best motor response 6 Obeys commands 5 Localises painful stimulus 4 Abnormal flexion 3 Decorticate posturing 2 Decerebrate posturing 1 No response Best verbal response 5 Orientated 4 Confused speech 3 Words 2 Incomprehensible sounds 1 No response Best eye opening response 4 Opens eyes spontaneously 3 Opens eyes to speech 2 Opens eyes to painful stimulus 1 No response Fundoscopy and pupillary response
Features of systolic hypertension, increased muscle tone, myoclonus (decerebrate posturing), dysconjugate eye movements and loss of papillary reflexes ultimately lead to respiratory arrest from brainstem herniation.
pneumoniae septicaemia DIC 100 Preterm, bloody stools Respiratory failure (NEC), developed chicken pox 13 days after mother, apnoea, rotavirus-positive stools 102 Preterm, congenital rubella Died on ventilator in syndrome, neurologically decerebrate position impaired, DIC, pyrexia, no other pathogen identified, stools negative for rotavirus at time of death 105 Preterm, respiratory Streptococcus group D deterioration meningitis Case Possibly related number to rotavirus 41 Yes 43 Yes 74 No 76 No 88 Yes 96 No 100 Yes 102 No 105 No NEC = necrotising enterocolitis; DIC = diffuse intravascular coagulopathy.
The picture's sheer length, at nearly two and a half hours, undermines the film's potential frissons as sheer entertainment--and I greatly relish decerebrate action movies.
Decorticate, decerebrate and opisthotonic posturing and seizures in Kenyan children with cerebral malaria.
The diagnosis of hepatic encephalopathy is clinical because the condition develops slowly with sleep disturbance, altered sensorium, tremors, asterixis, hyper-reflexia and decerebrate posturing and coma leading to death in severe cases, however elevated ammonia level is a classical laboratoty finding in these patients.6,10,17-19
It has been reported that stretching or vibrating a hip flexor muscle during the stance phase leads to an earlier onset of swing in walking decerebrate catsy.4 The receptors signalling hip extension are probably the primary and secondary endings of muscle spindles in the hip flexor muscles.5
(1966) The reflex excitation of the soleus muscle of the decerebrate cat caused by vibration applied to its tendon.