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the quality of being deceptive

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"Both competition and advertising effects exist, depending on its quality and level of deceptiveness."
Based on analysis of the items loading on each factor, we came up with factor names that conveyed the underlying construct behind each factor's variance (in order from greatest to least rotated factor loading: Brand Presence, Sponsor Clarity, Disclosure Presence, Deceptiveness, Recognizability as Advertising, and Selling and Persuasive Intent).
Marks that create a false association with persons, institutions, or religions also have some kind of deceptiveness built in, as do geographically deceptively misdescriptive marks.
In addition to the courage of the lion, Machiavelli also extolled the strategic deceptiveness of the fox.
Start with deceptiveness. Conspiratorially, Republican and Democrat patriarchs successfully dupe voters that America has a two-party system and no fecundity beyond that.
"Our analysis reveals how the EPA relied on tactics buried deep in the rule's complex regulatory formulas to make the rule at least 28 percent more stringent, which will increase compliance costs on states, utilities, and consumers by billions of dollars." For instance, the rule's stringency relies heavily on the EPA's decision to use 2012 as the basis for its assumptions on deployment of wind energy, demonstrating the Agency's deceptiveness. In 2012, the pending expiration of the production tax credit (PTC) triggered a massive spike in new wind installations.
But for all its playful deceptiveness, his work is full of complex, socially conscious ideas.
This stands in stark contrast to a deceptiveness refusal, where the misdescription need not be material to the purchaser's purchasing decision.
Yet it's as if he's attempting a Jedi mind-trick on supporters - who are supposed to end up cursing the deceptiveness of their own eyes.
What is remarkable here about Wittgenstein's observation on Shakespeare is his suggestion of deceptiveness within the Shakespeare cult, similar to Tolstoy's in its wording.
Part 2 traces the development of a gay normality fitting into neoliberalism in recent history, including the deceptiveness of recent gains in legal rights at the cost of increased gender conformity.
Thus, the meanings of the story may not lie within the trickster, but in his or her acts and the prospect of additional deceptiveness that they may foster.
Haufniensis states that 'Anxiety is freedom's possibility, and only such anxiety is through faith absolutely educative, because it consumes all finite ends and discovers all their deceptiveness' (Kierkegaard, 1844/1980a: p 155; and 2010a: p 164).