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Synonyms for decentralization

the social process in which population and industry moves from urban centers to outlying districts

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the spread of power away from the center to local branches or governments

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According to him, almost two dozen bills on the development of the local governance reform and territorial organization of power, decentralization of authorities, capacity building in the amalgamated territorial communities await their consideration and adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
Surprisingly there have been very few attempts to gauge the impact of decentralization in Romania, although this concept has been constantly discussed at the political level.
L]ocal information becomes more important and decentralization becomes more valuable.
Decision space and capacities in the decentralization of health services in Fiji: Comment on "Decentralisation of health services in Fiji: a decision space analysis.
On one hand decentralization can occur on an administrative basis where local authorities are responsible for carrying out the administrative tasks at a micro level while on the other, political decentralization has also been a source of debate where decision making authority is transferred to elected, representative and accountable officials(Jesse, 2002).
Applying a Simple Measure of Good Governance to the Debate on Fiscal Decentralization.
What does the Nunavut experience with decentralization tell us about principal-agent theory?
In the 1990s, a wave of decentralization spread across the world with almost every sizeable country devolving some sort of responsibilities to sub-national units (Rodden 2006).
Building on various theoretical contributions, an empirical literature analyzing the effect of fiscal decentralization on economic growth has emerged since the 1990s.
The vice president said he would make Mindanao feel the decentralization in government if he is elected president.
Indonesia's supposed 'bing bang' decentralization has raised considerable academic attention and heated debate since it began in 1999.
Such calls beg a broader question: What kind of decentralization law would Lebanese political parties really want?
institutions has hampered administrative decentralization, and fiscal
Sulaymaniyah / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / The / Change Movement/ block in the Council of Sulaymaniyah accused the Kurdistan Regional Government in erecting obstacles and obstacles to the application of the principle of decentralization in the provinces of the Region.
A report on the implementation of decentralization measures in Bulgaria informs that the program for 2014 was 28.