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Synonyms for decentralization

the social process in which population and industry moves from urban centers to outlying districts

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the spread of power away from the center to local branches or governments

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Whenever a unit can be set up as a business, no design principle can match federal decentralization. We have learned, however, that a great many large companies cannot be divided into genuine businesses.
As of next week, the committee will visit the Kingdom's governorates to check firsthand the implementation of the decentralization scheme, listen to local councils members observations and identify challenges facing them, Al-Hajahjeh said.
He explained that the decentralization in the Kingdom is facing conflicts of authority, such as the municipal councils, governorates and the executive authority.
In this paper, we focus on the selected fundamental principles in the Article 9 of the ECLSG that relates to local community financial resources, which we believe to represent the foundation for establishing an effective fiscal decentralization (1) system in every member state of the Council of Europe; these systems should be rooted in the principles of flexibility, financial resources being commensurate with responsibility, autonomy and equality.
The ECLSG steers European countries in the common direction of establishing effective fiscal decentralization systems based on determined guidelines for the development of local communities.
This report outlines lessons for fiscal decentralization reform in sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on macroeconomic aspects.
Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator Arlene Pascual presented the advantages derived by the province from decentralization and the practice of Participatory Governance.
"We are here in the Philippines to actually learn from your experiences with decentralization. We've been here since 24th of June and I must say that the experience has been very enriching.
Oates (1972) and Brennan and Buchanan (1980) argue that greater decentralization can improve the provision of local public and semipublic goods and services.
(2012), and many other interested in the fiscal decentralization research, expenditure and revenue decentralization indicators are frequently used.
Decision space and capacities in the decentralization of health services in Fiji: Comment on "Decentralisation of health services in Fiji: a decision space analysis." Int J Health Policy Manag.
Decentralization is essentially a concept used to describe the transfer of power from a centralized government structure to a lower hierarchy of political and administrative structures.
It is also a striking example of two decades of political quarrels in Nunavut over the policy of 'decentralization'.
Few policy prescriptions are as theoretically enticing as decentralization. Scholars have argued that bringing administrative, fiscal, and political decisions closer to the individuals most affected by those choices would: generate productivity gains (Oates 1972); enable better-tailored policies (Besley and Coate 2003); and reduce corruption (Fisman and Gatti 2002; Bardhan and Mookherjee 2008).
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