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withdrawn from a center or place of concentration

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As systems are becoming larger and more complex, the adoption of solutions that are both decentralised and scalable is becoming increasingly important.
Two of the largest deals in 2008 were completed in the decentralised market, thus boosting overall take-up figures to a record high.
At that time take-up in the decentralised office market regularly equalled or exceeded that of the city centre and was predominantly due to the increase in development, demand and activity within the south Manchester office market.
Divided into seven chapters, the book examines the institutional structure for decentralised planning; the finances of the Panchayati Raj institutions; the planning process at the district level and the Mandal plan process; the priority structure with respect to resource allocation; and monitoring and implementation.
The quality of treatment provided by medical staff via the decentralised health services has improved.
All in all, the overhaul of our payroll system is a challenging project, since the payroll calculation of ISS comprises several contract sectors, various payment categories and decentralised payroll processing," says Ms.
1- Create greater awareness in the mass media circles about decentralised planning process, policy and institutions and their strategic relevance to inclusive development;
This enables them to identify appropriate, effective measures, integrate them into decentralised development planning, and carry them out.