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in a decent manner


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Elinor answered in some distress that she was, and then talked of head-aches, low spirits, and over fatigues; and of every thing to which she could decently attribute her sister's behaviour.
The rest whispered, whenever they could decently do so, about a strange omission in the arrangements.
The feelings of the captain were shocked at beholding the bones of these unfortunate young men bleaching among the rocks; and he caused them to be decently interred.
I wondered how soon I could decently take my leave, and I asked myself why on earth Mrs.
Oh, it's always the same," she sighed, "if you want men to behave well to you, you must be beastly to them; if you treat them decently they make you suffer for it.
They're a rotten lot of beggars, of course, although some of them have behaved rather decently.
THE Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN) has advised youths in the country to always dress decently to command public respect, reflect how they want to be addressed and avoid being molested.
After making a false start, Kim got off decently, having a good first 200m at 18.
Goosebumps is decently paced and has fine performances from an attractive cast.
He should make an immediate apology under the dome of parliament because all female members are decently dressed," female MP Mai Mahmoud said.
Yorkshire coach Jason Gillespie said: "I actually thought we bowled pretty decently.
3 million at the domestic box office; and family comedy "Paddington" performed decently, with $76.
He added "too many workers fall well below" the threshold to live decently.
Branko Geroski says in Sloboden pecat that there isn't a normal and decently informed person in Macedonia who doesn't realize who stands behind the drama in Gosince.
If I were this woman, I'd tell my daughter that unless she started behaving decently, she isn't going to get a penny of my money.