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Many Europeans who travelled between the colonies and their metropoles in the first decennia of the twentieth century were susceptible to nostalgic feelings.
All over the world over the last decennia countries have experimented with fiscal rules.
Prospective usage in blood-based testing has been one of the key criteria that guided most searches for the perfect disease biomarkers during the past decennia.
Over the decennia, IAES fostered the development of sustainable (to use a trendy word) personal friendships that span the globe.
In navolging van Benedict Anderson wijst Lou-Marie Kruger (1991:294) erop dat de als historisch feit gepresenteerde Afrikaner identiteit in werkelijkheid op een constructie berustte en dat hier in de eerste decennia van de twintigste eeuw nog volop aan werd gewerkt.
Even if 'Electrology or localized electrisation'--the original terminology for EMG--could be the oldest (if not the oldest) bioscientific detection and measurement technique, it has remained for very long and until a few decennia ago, a rather 'supporting' measurement with limited discriminating qualifications always to be used in conjunction with other measuring methods.
Over the flux of the last decennia, English Language Teaching (ELT) seems to have matured enough to have moved from the 'either or' debate to an acceptance of a 'both and' approach which includes translation.
Quoting an elderly migrant who got bitter (March 2009): Where are the Kashmiris after decennia of peace negotiations?
It is true that these reductive arguments on politics as a substitute for religion have been made many times, especially in the recent, "post-communist" and "post-historical" decennia.
Zambianchi, continues in the footsteps of those scholars who during the last decennia have shown the value of Pausanias' so often underrated <<Perihegesis>>.
It has to be added, however, that while this reluctant or even disapproving attitude is still characteristic for the documents of the Roman Magisterium, several national bishops' conference have adopted over the last decennia a much more welcoming and approving stance with regard to interchurch marriages; see the study of respective documents of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany in Uwe Bogershausen, Die konfessionsverbindende Ehe als Lehr- und Lernprozess (Mainz: Grunewald, 2001), pp.
Decompressive surgery or neurolysis as treatment for nerve damage has been done for several decennia.
During the last two decennia 'disability' increasingly has been considered by various academic disciplines like sociology, literature, social sciences, geography and history as a fresh and innovative analytical category with the transformative potential of race, gender, class and sexuality.
Prosecution of Alevis however was not relaxed, and repressive social control by the majority of orthodox Muslims continued in the decennia to come (Jongerden 2003).
Het loont dan ook de moeite om eens te kijken naar de levensbijzonderheden van vrouwelijke auteurs uit de eerste drie decennia van de twintigste eeuw.