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Synonyms for deceleration

a decrease in rate of change

(physics) a rate of decrease in velocity

the act of decelerating

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The initiative has introduced new rules and regulations in recent years that have led to students designing more delicate and complex front wings and nose cones, and we noticed that the original deceleration system sometimes didn't perform to our high standards.
Initial speed (V), deceleration rate (a) and track mark length (s) are physically related (Equation 1).
Spectral analysis of FHR and the identification of FHR decelerations coupled with UC is widely used to monitor the autonomic nervous system of the fetus that may cause changes in FHR during oxygen deficiency [4].
model for MWCs [16], the deceleration and associated resistive forces for a straight coastdown can be described by Equation 2:
Although the court did not use the term "deceleration" in the mortgage foreclosure context, the court did state that the earlier adjudication was a denial of the earlier acceleration, and the parties were thereby "simply placed back in the same contractual relationship with the same continuing obligations." (20) This statement invokes the core of the deceleration concept: the act of undoing a mortgage and note's acceleration to return the lending arrangement to status quo ante.
In group B, growth deceleration was observed at the 6th month in 23.6% of the children, at the 9th month in 50.2%, at the 12th month in 15.8% and at the 18th month in 3.9%.
If the relative distance is lower than or equal to the critical braking distance, as shown in (4), and the driver still does not decelerate or take other security measures, this state is judged to be dangerous and automatic braking deceleration on the host vehicle needs to be implemented immediately:
Note the above deceleration calculations are not off-the-shelf numbers you can count on for your particular crash.
14%), under the combined effect of the strong deceleration of its indebtedness from the banking system (4.3% vs.
This deceleration trend was snapped in May this year, as inflation rose from 3 percent in the previous month to 3.2 percent.
Management guided again to constant currency "revenue growth deceleration" in the second half of 2019 and the first half of 2020, but considering recent improvements to core Facebook and momentum around commerce and Stories, investors will question the magnitude of the deceleration, Thill tells investors in a research note.
The Note pointed out that, over the recent period, the money supply experienced a sharp deceleration, which was accentuated in December (+ 5.6%, year on year, against + 7.8% in November and 12.3% in March 2018), reflecting the tightening of monetary policy on the one hand and the effect of the new macro-prudential measure (credit / deposit ratio) on the other hand.
During rapid movements, it is necessary to accelerate the barbell in the first half of the concentric phase, which is known as the "acceleration sub-phase." However, it is thought that rapid movements during free-weight exercises cause a "deceleration sub-phase" (or sometimes the "decelerating phase") at the end of the concentric phase (Elliott et al., 1989; Lake et al., 2012; Sanchez-Medina et al., 2010).