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Synonyms for deceivingly

in a misleading way

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But all will change by midweek, according to forecaster Amy Hodgson, of The Weather Channel, after the deceivingly mild run-up to the holiday weekend.
Deceivingly quick is how Naperville Central coach Pete Kramer describes the Benet basketball team.
The exercises look deceivingly simple, but they involve your whole body and will likely increase your heart rate.
This diet actually involves real food, so it can seem deceivingly healthy at a glance.
One of the most prominent examples of these palpable differences in today's TV market is true definition of 4K televisions and 4K experience: a distinction that can seem deceivingly negligible when shopping for a TV.
Made from warm clay, with moveable joints, it looks deceivingly heavy, Algin told Do?an News Agency.
The overall design scheme of Sean Connolly Dubai Opera is set to a deceivingly humble palette of veined Saint Laurent marble, grey rectangular tiles on the vaulted ceiling and pale grey stucco walls.
While [section]1234A is deceivingly difficult to understand, much of the IRS guidance and court decisions have just added to the confusion and uncertainty.
Following his training with Marc Veyrat among others, Sulpice showcases nature through a traditional local and straightforward cuisine, creating bursts of flavor with deceivingly simple produce.
This winter seasonal features "layers of deeply toasted malt balanced by just enough hop bitterness to make it deceivingly drinkable."
On such a busy little thoroughfare, it would be easy to walk past this deceivingly larger than initial impressions suggest venue.
GETTING STARTED I found out that practice had already started before I reached the deceivingly spacious, cylindrical space - it was hard, after all, to ignore the sound of several bells that weigh up to one and a half tonnes cascading down the stairs.
Abdelrahman says that he is not big on intellectual fashion, but when he went to present his first creations to Lamy, it was important to draw out the context and meaning of the garments, which were a combination of kandoras and similarly linear, deceivingly simple pieces.