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Synonyms for deceive

be deceived by something or someone


  • be taken in by
  • fall for
  • swallow
  • take the bait
  • be made a fool of by
  • be the dupe of
  • swallow hook, line, and sinker

Synonyms for deceive

to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

Synonyms for deceive

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The alleged fraudsters, identified as member Rawalpindi district council Imran Aslam and Nadeem Ijaz, using name of some important leaders of PML-N to deceive people.
Some people gave her money and she went to different neighborhoods to deceive people with the same role for the whole day.
If the actors in a movie deceive us, then we must be consenting to this deception because we gain from such deception.
The Musharraf regime has deceived the United States and the world about its willingness to engage in rapprochement with New Delhi, just as it deceives Washington about how aggressively it is stamping out the Islamic extremists, Haqqani writes.
He lies, distorts and deceives, but he can't avoid the reality that his illegal actions have made Britain more of a terrorist target.
said: 'MFI's pricing policy deceives its customers into thinking they're getting a better deal than they are.'
However, the court ruled that when a company knowingly deceives the donor about this information, as occurred in this case, the First Amendment does allow for a fraud claim.
Palpatine deceives many good politicians (such as Queen Amidala and Jar-Jar Binks) into supporting him, as many of our good politicians are being deceived.